Zaika-e-Lucknow!! 8 Delicacies You Would Get Only In Lucknow!!

Welcome to the ‘Land Of Nawabs’, famous for its Awadhi background Lucknow has since forever served as a home for all the cultural heritage of the Nawabs. From the unique ‘Chikankari’ to the ‘Royal Achitecture’, Lucknow has held every bit in its place. Being the representative of the ‘Royal Nawabs’,  Lucknow is the place where you can find the real essence of the ‘Awadhi’ food. Food is celebrated in Lucknow ranging from taste bursting starters to tempting sweets and everything in between is just beyond words. Lucknow is rich in different types of cuisines but we have some specific information about the exotic yummy food that you would get only in Lucknow. So people, if you haven’t tried these yet, just grab your wallet and put your money to some luscious use.

1. Kashmiri Chai

A unique tea served specifically in winters and in the month of Ramzan. The tea is special as, it is way different than other forms of teas. Its pink color gives it a different look and what makes it even more special is its salty taste. The Kashmiri Chai has its distinct quality as it not only tastes unique but also helps beating the chill of winters. Best to begin your day with. 😛

2. Malai Ki Gilori

A sweet calling out to all the “meetha lovers”. Layers of milk cream (malai) folded together in the shape of a triangle, to give you the feel of Paan. These giloris are so mushy that they melt in your mouth within seconds. If you have a sweet tooth, you must try these soft malai ki giloris for a delicious ride to heaven.

3. Paya Ki Nihari

Meat lovers, attack! This simply irresistible lamb broth is something you cannot miss when you are in Lucknow. This is a slow-cooked broth that is simmered overnight for about 6-7 hours and is served hot in the morning. The name Nihari is derived from the word ‘nahar’, which means ‘morning’ in Urdu, and it is a popular breakfast item.

4. Lucknowi Paan

The Nawabi culture comes in its full form when it comes to the Lucknowi Paan. Here you can get the most varieties of paan  in many different flavours. Lucknow is famous for its obsession with the types of paan and the number of varieties in which it is available here. ‘Ama Lucknow aaye aur paan na khae toh kya khae!!’

5. Royal Zafrani Pulao

Another delicacy of Lucknow which has the people bound by its taste. Specifically cooked with a blend of sweet and rich spices. It is a mix of royal basmati rice, dry fruits and safron. If you have not had a chance of tasting it then do find the time and do not just taste but feast on it.

6. Makhan Malai

A sweet specifically from Lucknow that can easily conquer the battle of being the lightest sweet. The mention of its smooth light texture and the Oh-So-Sweet taste is in itself mouthwatering! The yellow colored sweet is generally available during winters made from the foam collected from milk and whisked overnight to get its unique touch. The dish has several names like Nimish, Daulat ki Chaat and Lab-e-Mashook.

7. Lucknowi Biryani

A real foodie’s dish! Long grain rice par boiled with fresh spices is strained out and a layer of marinated meat is added to the rice and cooked for some hours. This technique infuses the right amount of flavor into the biryani. The meat just falls off the bone and you get a heavenly mix of flavor in every mouthful. The irresistible aroma is simply something that would make you go gaga over it.

8. Sheermal

Something you can munch on anytime with its unique taste that takes you to a complete another level. Sheermal is a saffron flavored flatbread usually sweet in taste this is usually enjoyed alongside kababs or nihari. The mildly sweet bread has the ability for making every foodie fall head over heals in love with its taste.

No words are enough to describe how tasty the food here is, but one thing for sure if you are a foodie then these delicacies would surely make you have multiple foodgasms. 😉 So People come to Lucknow and get the taste of heaven!! If you haven’t yet tried these you don’t really know what you are missing!! Foodies your search ends here!!!

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