Why Airplane Mode In Flight Can Be A Pain But Is Also A Saviour!

A flight is the easiest and the fastest way to travel to your destination. When flying, you are asked by the flight attendants to put your mobile phones, tablets, laptops, iPads or any other gadgets on airplane mode, just before the take off. We know that it’s a safety measure, but have you ever wondered why is it so?

Most flyers are in a misconception that if they do not put their mobile phones on flight mode, it may interfere with the plane’s signals and might result the airplane to crash mid air!

No, don’t be scared! That is just not true. The plane will certainly not crash due to signal disturbance brought on by your gizmos.


Quick fact- Chances of one getting killed in a car crash are more than that in a plane crash!

Flyers also believe that  using  mobile phones to make calls, may disturb the other passengers. Therefore, they are not allowed to use their phones in flight.This is just partially true, but some planes these days have ‘Picocells’ which enables the in-flight passengers to use their mobile phones to access internet and make calls. So, your phone calls might not disturb your co-passengers, but the Candy Crush definitely will!


What happens to your device on Airplane Mode?

Let us first know what happens when the airplane mode is on! It simply stops the “keeping you alive” hardware functions of your mobile phones. 

1. Wi-Fi Stops Working.


The airplane mode disconnects your  device from Wi-Fi networks. You device will be disabled from sending and receiving data. In other words, you have no internet connectivity! Relax! Enjoy the in-flight entertainment options, or simply take a nap!

2. There Is No Connectivity.


The airplane mode will deactivate your phone to connect with network towers mid air. Hence, there are no possibilities of making voice calls or sending text messages to people on your contact list. Seems like a perfect technology detox!

3. Deactivates GPS and Bluetooth.


In certain devices the flight mode stops the GPS as well as the Bluetooth function. Them feels! *an iPhone user*

What makes Airplane Mode important?

There are two main reasons why you need to keep your mobile devices on airplane mode in a flight.

1. Interferes With Ground Signals.

If your device is not on airplane mode and you are several feet above the ground level, flying at a great speed, your device will try to connect to different network towers on the way. It will send out strong signals similar to the ones on the ground. So, when your device tries to reach out to different network towers, the signals are often not stable and your device’s battery will drain lightening fast!


On the downside, the device signals may disrupt the signals received by the Air Traffic Control. It may lead to difficulties in communication between the aircraft and the traffic control staff.

2. Disturbs The Pilot.


Your device’s signals are likely to cause disturbance in the pilot’s headphones. It is similar to the buzzing sound you hear when  your phone is kept next to a speaker. This happens due to disturbance in frequencies. Imagine the pilot’s agony with 100 phones mid-air creating such noises. You certainly would not want to be a pilot for that flight!

It is best advised to follow the instructions given on flight by the crew.  They know how to keep your journey safe and hassle free. Bon voyage!


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