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What Makes Lucknow The Second Happiest City In India?

‘Happy is where the heart is’ and ask anyone who lives or has ever lived in the City of Nawabs, isn’t the Golden City of the East their proverbial heart?

In a recent survey conducted by LG and IMRB International, Lucknow bagged the spot for the second happiest city in India after Chandigarh.

The survey panned over 16 cities and included almost 2424 respondents in the age range of 18 to 45. Now many may mark this honor off as something owing to the laid-back attitude the city is oh-so-famous for but there is actually more to this than just mere convenience.

Here are few of the many things which make Lucknow a happy city.


1.Because commuting is easier and quicker.

hindustan times

Image Source:Hindustan Times

We all have relatives or friends who live in the glitzy cities like Mumbai or Delhi and hence we are all too familiar with the struggles of commuting they go through. I remember the first time I visited Mumbai and had to step out to go to the local market. All the while in the local I kept thinking to myself “I could have literally gone to Hazratganj, done my shopping, and reached home five times by now.” Lucknow may not have the biggest of shopping malls or the best of brands or the most opulent of chor bazaars but it does have everything close and handy and that more than makes up for anything else.


2. We the Lucknowites.

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What makes a house a home? The family living in it. What makes a planned municipal layout a City throbbing with life? Its people…and fortunately Lucknow has the best of them. Anyone who has ever been to Lucknow will know what I am talking about when I say if you are stranded somewhere in the city, maybe your car broke down or your scooty won’t start or the plastic bag you were holding just broke spilling everything on the road, you wouldn’t have to deal with it alone…people of Lucknow just won’t take to be only bystanders! This city has managed to make real good human beings out of its citizens.


3.Ain’t no food like Lucknow’s food.

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No list about Lucknow would ever be complete without a mention of its mouthwatering cuisine. This city is a gift from god to every foodie out there, especially those who aren’t willing to spend too much. From Tunday Kebabs to Faluda Kulfi, from Wahid’s Biryani to Chowk ki Chaat, there is nothing this city cannot offer you in terms of food and that too the very best of it!

4.Get more done for a lot less.

lucknow cheap

Lucknow, being the small city that it is, can really be merciful on your pocket. Everything is close-by and almost all the commodities are available at much cheaper rates as compared to the metros. It may lag behind when it comes to availability of better opportunities (however, that is changing really fast) in comparison to big cities. However, since you have a lot more time at hand you can get twice as much done in a day as you would have living in a metro.



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Lucknow is not yet a serious contender of the rat-race! Lucknowites still like doing things at their own pace.  The compact geography of this beautiful city and the not-so-hard-core-corporate aura of its working class leaves everyone with ample time at hand to do the thing they like or meet friends and family on a regular basis. What else do you need to be happy?!


6.A very promising future.

zee news india

Image Source: Zee News India

The city is growing leaps and bounds,  be it in terms of infrastructure, development, education or career opportunities. Top class architectural structure, malls and shopping complexes, beautiful parks and gardens…Lucknow has all this and much more. Lucknow metro and an International Cricket Stadium are two of the most promising projects that are going on in the city presently. The start-up scene in Lucknow is also buzzing as more and more people choosing this wonderful place for establishing their companies.

From sprawling historically rich monuments to a culturally rich and communally balanced society, this city has it all. So, If you are in Lucknow…smile, ‘akhir aap Lucknow me hain.’

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