Wait Is Over! Tunday Kababi Of Lucknow To Be Back With Its USP- Beef Kebabs From Wednesday!

We bring, here in this space, some yummy-licious news for all ye foodies and Awadhi cuisine lovers of Lucknow. Your all-season favourite iconic eating joint Tunday Kababi is coming back with its signature dish – the buffalo meat galouti kebab – TODAY. Well, we know some of you are already too impatient to wait for those palatable recipes! But there is more…

Buffalo Kebabs were discontinued by Tunday Kababi, a popular 112-year-old heritage restaurant chain of Lucknow, on March 23. This happened after the meat supply was affected due to a crackdown on illegal slaughterhouses by the Yogi Adityanath government. Supply shortage compelled the “Tundays” to limit themselves to serving chicken and mutton kebabs to their customers. This had resulted in utter disappointment for the food gourmets as they feel that chicken and mutton kebabs are not as delicious as the Buffalo meat ones.


Not just this, Tunday Kababi had to shut their shop for one day as meat wasn’t available in the city. But looks like the time to relieve the “food-pain”—the City of Nawabs had to face all this while, has finally arrived.  

The owner Mohammed Usman, whose grandfather set up Tunday Kababi in 1905 informed that:

“Sale of the buffalo meat kebabs would start from Wednesday onwards. I am happy as now we can cater to people belonging to the weaker section of the society, who could not afford chicken or mutton kebabs that are much expensive than buffalo meat kebabs,”

Since the Allahabad High Court had directed the Uttar Pradesh Government to issue Licenses and No-Objection certificates to meat sellers Last week, Usman feels that the inventory issues would be resolved soon:

“Gradually, perhaps after the court’s order directing the state government to find a way out and issue licenses to the butchers, the supply of the buffalo meat is being restored gradually”.

Commenting on city’s love for the buffalo kebabs, he further said, “Hence, it is decided to restore the sale of buffalo meat galaouti kebabs that are not only in demand but also much affordable.”


The cost of one plate of four buffalo meat kebabs is Rs 40. This means that two people can beat their hunger in merely Rs. 80 i.e. one plate of kebabs with four parathas. However, a plate of mutton kebabs alone costs Rs 80 and of Chicken Rs 60. So, apparently, for common man buffalo kebabs is a more pocket-friendly option.

Another good news is that the sale of buffalo meat kebabs will be restored at both the outlets of Tunday- –in Chowk and in Nazirabad. It has been estimated that usually, the Old Nazirabad outlet sells aproximately 80 kg of meat products including mutton and buffalo every day.


And if you have been patient enough to read to this point, you deserve one additional mouth lickering news. Let us let you know that other outlets in the city too are likely to follow suit and restart serving buffalo products. These include your favorite ‘nihari’, a slow-cooked meat stew, and ‘pasanda’, a Mughal dish prepared with the juiciest meat chunks.

Bilal Arshad from Online Kaka, an online delivery platform stated that:

“Beef kebabs and nihari were much in demand. Since the outlets were not preparing it, we were unable to deliver it to the people across the city. I am hopeful that now we can restore the supply and add to the smiles of the people,”

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