Vinod Khanna | Phenomenal Life Of The Legendary Actor.

Vinod Khanna was anything but ordinary! His life was no less than the script of a dhamakedaar Hindi movie full of ups and downs, highs and lows. The journey started when he was first spotted by Sunil Dutt. The actor instantly decided to launch this young talent from Peshawar in Man ka Meet.

From being a breathtakingly hot villain to being the ultimate hero, Vinod Khanna had seen all, done all. The 70s saw several multi starer films and Vinod Khanna remained a preferred choice for most. He was seen pairing up with Amitabh Bachchan, Randhir Kapoor and many others. He is most remembered for his performances in Amar, Akbar, Anthony, Hera-Pheri, Haath Ki Safaai, Parvarish.

vinod khanna

The other facet of Vinod Khanna’s life, that people don’t know much about, was his deep involvement into Osho Rajneesh. The actor used to sport an orange kaftan and a beaded mala to shootings. His growing interest in Osho was a cause of concern for the producers but he lived on oblivious to the growing gossips of the B-town.

It was 1980 when the Bollywood sweetheart decided to break the hearts of a million girls and retired from Bollywood to follow Osho. The people were shocked when the news broke.But the decision was made and Vinod Khanna departed from the film industry.

vinod khanna
With Osho

It was not until 1985 that Khanna was back in news. His divorce with wife Geetanjali made him the talk of the town once again.

He made a comeback in the movie Insaaf, with Dimple Kapadia.The 90s were not a great time for the veteran actor professionally but personally, he announced marriage with Kavita. He then went on to try his hand in BJP and politics. He enjoyed politics but that never meant it was goodbye to movies. he did a number of movies in that period. 

“A huge surge of popularity, a phenomenal Bollywood run, a dip of spirituality and a fulfilled personal life is what the story of legendary actor Vinod Khanna is all about.”

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