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Honest Indian House Party | Explained In Less Than 7 Minutes | #SanjaySketch

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We all are party animals, even when we are in our comfy pajamas and watching Game Of Thrones, we don’t let people know that we have a sad life. We stalk people on Facebook and act all Chandler Bing in front of them. Its just one of those “Not Going Out Weekends” and you are being invited to a party where the only known face …

Technologic | Theek Theek Lagao Productions.

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The ‘App’ fever is catching on and it’s definitely here to stay. From finding love to finding the nearest pizza place…there is an app for EVERYTHING! Now, if you are already in grip of this fever, we hope you find an app to help you de-addict and explore the world which lies beyond the screen of your smartphone! . However, if you have somehow managed to …

10 Movies You Should Watch For Your Musical Cravings.

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A thrilling movie and mesmerizing music is one of the best combos in the world of entertainment. Movies revolving around music and musicians have been a popular trend since time immemorial! From light-hearted rom-coms to documentaries the list is never ending. Here are 10 movies you should definitely watch if you are a music lover!   1.Pitch Perfect 1 and 2 (2012 and 2015).  Beca …

Motivation For Dummies- 6 Amazing Movie Speeches To Get You Through Tough Times.

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We all have those days when we feel low and unsure about ourselves. On days like these, all we need is a little push, a little motivation to get back in the game! Different people have different ways to deal with their rough patch! Some turn to books for inspiration or find solace in speaking to a friend while others surf through the internet for motivational …

Net Krantikari on Social Media.

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Net Krantikari on Social Media Show Video.