Veggie Delights You Must Try When Travelling In UTTAR PRADESH.

The land of Uttar Pradesh boasts of being the land of Krishna as well as The Mughals. Its history is undoubtedly reflected in the present day lifestyle, food and culture of its different cities.

When travelling to different cities of Uttar Pradesh, escaping the local vegetarian dishes is next to impossible, even for a non-vegetarian.

Here are 10 vegetarian culinary fares that you must try out while enjoying your trip to UP:

1. Steaming Arhar ki Dal.

Arhar Dal

Arhar ki dal is a staple food across Uttar Pradesh. There is nothing like home cooked steaming arhar ki dal clubbed with rice and topped with spoonfuls of ghee!
Sounds super yumm, isn’t it?

2. Terrific Tehri.


Tehri is a single pot meal from Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh that was invented to make work easy for those lazy days when one did not feel like cooking elaborate meals.
Basmati rice is cooked along with veggies and served with curd, papad, ghee and pickle. You don’t need anything else in life after that, do you?

3. Rocking Rasedaar Aloo.

Rasedar Aloo

This is an all time favourite combo of rasedaar aloo sabzi served along with piping hot puris. This easy to make recipe is a typical breakfast or brunch for almost all occasions.

4. Spicy Baingan Ki Lonje.

Baigan Ki Launji
Baigan Launji

This veggie delight is a Benarasi specialty. It is prepared by stuffing brinjals with a mixture of spices and onions and then shallow frying it.
We bet ‘no one can eat just one’!

5. Delightful Dum Aloo.


Originally cooked in ‘dum’ style, spicy Dum Aloo got its name from the way it was cooked. A royal veggie fare with a unique aroma of spices will make you fall in love with it instantly!

6. Delicious Dal Kachori.

Dal Kachori

Dal Kachori is to Uttar Pradesh what idli sambhar is to Kerala! Clubbed with kaddu sabzi or rasedaar aloo, dal kachori becomes a mouth watering filler at any hour!

7. Fantastic Fara.


Fara is the Indian version of momos! These yummy dumplings are made in boiling water using wheat flour, semolina and other ingredients. It’s a healthy way to fill your tummy for a long time!

8. Chichinda.


Chichinda or snake gourd is cut into rings and cooked with mustard oil and serves as a comfort food during rainy season. It can be paired with rotis or rice for a fibre and protein rich meal.

9. Royal Zafrani Pulao.

Zafrani Pulao

This is an authentic Awadhi dish that is a fusion of Indian, Persian and Mughlai style of cooking. Basmati rice is cooked with sweet and spicy ingredients to give an essence of royalty to your tastebuds!

10. Kathal Ki Dum Biryani.

Kathal Biryani

If you are not interested in non vegetarian fare, you can savor biryani the vegetarian way here. Kathal or jackfruit biryani is cooked with the ‘dum’ or steam to give it authentic taste the veggie style!

Have a great time trying out these veggie dishes while in U.P. Fill your travel experience with these gastronomical delights and cherished memories!

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