Uttar Pradesh To Ace The Tourism Sector: Government Approves The New Tourism Policy.

Uttar Pradesh Government has come up with another plan to get tourism promoted in UP, Yogi Adityanath government has approved of the New Tourism Policy 2018, which targets to generate 5 lakh jobs annually by investing Rs 5000 crore per year for the next five years. This Tourism Policy will regard everything that comes under tourism sector, as an industry said Rita Bahuguna Joshi, Tourism Minister, on Monday in Lucknow. Also, The new policy will also aim to achieve an annual increase of 15 percent domestic tourists and 10 percent foreign tourists arrival in the state.

The policy will target one lakh additional tourists to national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in the state and will convert 10 heritage buildings to heritage hotels per year.  The policy was approved by the state cabinet last week after two months of discussion among 24 departments. The policy will give special focus to promote eco-tourism and drive local entrepreneurship avenues through execution of fairs and festivals while Tourism department will create a land bank for promoting tourism in the state.

The new policy will grant a highest of 25 percent subsidy to light, sound and laser programmes, 20 percent incentive to new budget hotels, tented accommodation, heritage sites, 15 percent to new hotels, resorts, wellness centers and convention centers.

The new policy also focusses on the introduction of Bed and Breakfast scheme, which is also applicable to Ashrams. “Under this scheme, the establishment will remain under residential category and domestic rate for electricity and water tax will be charged,” the minister said.

Joshi said that the state government has enhanced Tourism budget to Rs 687 crores from Rs 347 crores with an additional Rs 650 crores to be provided by the Centre for different schemes. “ The state government has assured to provide Rs 1000 crores for the implementation of the new tourism policy of which Rs 70 crores have already been sanctioned,” Joshi said. The state government has planned to motivate foreign tourists to participate in Diwali festival at Ayodhya this year. On February 23 and 24, chief minister Yogi Adityanath will showcase Holi festival at Barsana.

Many steps are being taken by the Uttar Pradesh Government in the wake of Investor’s Summit. We hope all these steps turn out to be fruitful for the state tourism industry.

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