True Incidents Shared By Girls Of Lucknow Which Reveal How Ugly The City Can Be.

“When was India freed?”, the teacher asked a distracted Riya. “Never.”, was the one-word reply the teacher got. Not quite what she expected, She insisted her to answer clearly. That’s when the whole class saw the bold, tomboyish, fearless Riya break down into a bundle of humiliated-exposed tears.Tears that made the world call her ‘Bechari’ The word she hated the most, the word which didn’t describe even an inch of her. All of her class buddies, her teachers, looked towards her with that sympathetic look she loathed. She was already trying to fight the crappy feeling of being weak when all of a sudden the whole world started helping her into believing that she is a weakling.

What might have happened with Riya is the question bothering you maybe. Well, don’t anticipate it because its nothing new. It’s the same old story of being harassed and eve-teased on the way to school/college/work/home. Same old story of women being objectified and looked at and called upon as some non-living thing. Just that it happened with her for the first time. I am pretty sure she will get used to it eventually. And moreover, society has always got her back and is all time ready to advise her on what are the dos and don’ts. Society sticks with you at all times except the times when you are actually in trouble.(Ouch!!)

Women daily face these perils and are still fighting and living in the society (Who is stronger again?). Here are some of the real life incidents that happened with girls from Lucknow and its a shame that this fast growing city is still not able to get up from the clutches of these dirty minded people.

#1.The incident is narrated by a 21-year-old Nandita Living in a girls hostel in the central area of the city, Hazratganj.

“It was a pleasant day. I came out of my hostel which is just next to the Sri Ram Towers and was walking towards Sahara Ganj with my roommate. We both were chatting and walking our way when all of a sudden this middle aged rickshaw wala started asking us to sit on his rickshaw. We refused him twice. Despite being told ‘No’ he kept following us till half of our way, that was when I lost my cool and stopped right there and shouted on the rickshaw wala. My friend kept dragging me away while trying to keep me shut. After I shouted on the rickshaw wala, he still had the audacity to give the explanation in his defense that he was just doing his job. He changed his way after that. But the trauma that I and my friend went through for those 15 minutes cannot be explained. The constant fear of, what if he shows up again, what if he does something again. The suffering seemed to be never ending, and it’s not just the one. Such things keep happening. We have learned to deal with it. It’s just nobody knows when someone goes out of their senses and things backfire onto us. We live in a constant state of fear.”

It’s not just girls studying in colleges such things happen with…

#2. This incident narrated by 43-year-old Mrs. Sarita Das(name changed), a resident of Indira Nagar, the best residential area of the city.

“It was 2 pm. The day was quite sunny. I was walking back to my home from the vegetable market. My hands were full as I was holding packets full of vegetables and was looking for an auto. When an auto in full speed came to a sudden halt in front of me, the auto driver looked to be in his 30s. He asked me where do I have to go I told him my destination. At first, he told me a very high price almost the double and then agreed for just the half of it. I smelled something fishy, still, i, boarded the auto as I was getting late. While on the way he kept on trying to engage me in conversation. I kept avoiding him and was scared as his way of talking was not anywhere near to decent. He started taking a different path which I didn’t recognize saying that there would be too much traffic on the main road. I started panicking and I asked him continuously to take the other route. I was so much scared my brain stopped working, and luckily I received a call from my husband it was like a great splash of relief. I gave my husband my whereabouts and the driver was intently listening to what I was talking on the phone. I told him to stop then and there to which he did oblige. My husband was near by. By the time he came the auto wala had vanished.”

I know what you are thinking!! the lady was alone right??( It doesn’t matter it was broad daylight though)

#3. This incident as narrated by 22-year-old Ritu Verma living in Gomtinagar area.

“It was my birthday, 24th August, I and my two other friends were going to a nearby cafe. It was 12 pm when my friends arrived at my house. All three of us were dressed up in the best of our looks and decided to take a cab to this new cafe in town. We called up the cab. The cab driver was at my house in 10 mins. He was this middle aged man maybe of 30-35 years. We entered into the cab, there was this strange stench, we ignored it and anyways got into the cab. As the ride started we kept our windows open ignoring the stench we started talking among ourselves. We asked the driver to slow down a bit but he kept the speed high and was driving really rash! when on asking twice he didn’t slow down. We started panicking and I called up my father and told him the situation. He asked us to get down at the very next traffic signal and go to the nearest safe place and he would come to pick us up. Following his instructions as soon as the driver abruptly stopped at the next red light. We jumped out of the cab and ran towards the traffic police who was at the side of the road. As soon as we got off the cab the driver started asking for the money. We ignored him and reached the police official. He got out of his cab and followed us. We told the problem to the police and the official then talked to him. It was found that the driver was drunk and was not in his full senses. we were picked up from there by my father and safely reached our home. Though nothing grave happened but it surely left us quite stunned.”

Creepy shits keep happening.

#4. This incident as narrated by Insha about her aunt.

“So what basically happened was my aunt booked a cab for my uncle at 2:30 A.M as his train was late and he might not get a public transport at this odd hour. When she booked the cab and the details of the driver were shared, she tried calling up the driver but he didn’t pick up and after the call, he canceled the ride. As an obvious action, my aunt booked another cab for uncle. After some 15 mins or so she received a call from an unknown number. It turned out to be the driver who canceled the cab at first and he said that he is waiting outside the station for her. She told the driver that the ride has been canceled and she has not received any notification apart from that. The Driver thought it was my aunt who had to take the cab and he kept on persisting her to take the ride or else she would be blacklisted and would have to pay penalty. She disconnected the call and didn’t pick up it up the next time.”

Well!! Appears, no means of transportation is safe!

#5. The incident in city bus as narrated by 26-year-old Tripti.

“The incident is so horrible that every time I talk about it I get this really crappy feeling and feel like throwing up!! What actually happened was that as any regular day I was traveling to my office by the city bus. The bus was full that day, luckily I got a seat I was sitting on the last fourth seat at the aisle side. As the bus was quite full people were loaded up and many were standing in the aisle way. There was this man standing just next to me. He seemed to be someone from labor class as he wasn’t dressed too well. The bus moved and as the place was quite packed this man was kind of leaning over my shoulder. I ignored this and shifted a bit forward so that I didn’t come in contact with him. After just a few seconds I again felt his p***s on my shoulder, I gave this man a very angry look and shifted again in my seat. I had to get off after two stops. I was sitting quite uncomfortably when again I felt it rubbing on my shoulder and this time it was quite persistent. I angrily looked at the man and saw him smiling as if he had won something. That was when my anger gave in and I stood up and shouted things at the man. Immediately people next to me started asking me questions as to what is the problem. The bus was stopped and the conductor asked the man to get off then and there. The man was not at all guilty or regretful of his actions. As I got off at my stop, tears kept rushing down my cheeks, not because I felt week but because I felt so small so objectified that any man can put his hands on me and walk around open and free while it’s me who has to cover up.”

Now, what do we say to that!! These are just some of the incidents, unimaginable horrible things keep happening to girls/ ladies from all over the place. People keep advising the girls to stay in their limits and stay inside houses and nothing of this sort would happen, while the real need of the hour is of not holding back the girls but the men of the society who have this mindset that girls are objects to do with as one wishes. NO! GIRLS ARE NOT THINGS AND SURELY NOT YOUR SHITTY PIECE OF PROPERTY!! There is no way to explain this kind of eve teasing, luckily the matters did not turn out to be grave else unimaginable things might have happened.

PS The incidents took place in broad daylight. Scared to even think of what might happen after sunset.

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