A Tribute To The ‘unspoken’ bond of Siblings.

‘Siblings’ a word which describes the best of all the relations and the relation which is most unexpressed. The word is in itself enough to bring back those sweet memories of childhood where not a single day passed without fighting. Well, speaking on the behalf of younger ones we all very well know that the elder ones have been (always) the one in advantage. Be it getting new things or getting more pocket money, they have since forever been the parents’ favorite child. (And Oh! how to forget they got to show their superiority). Growing up with elder sibling is a fun ride. Despite all the petty fights and little disagreements what mattered the most at the end of the day was them to be with us.

So, for every elder sibling who feels that their younger sibling is worth no good and might end up doing nothing and for every younger sibling who delightfully disagrees. We bring to you certain images which tell the untold tales of the younger ones to their beloved elders.











Dear dear elder sibling, i wish we were more expressive. But as the saying goes, ‘What’s the fun in finding the treasure that’s not hidden.’ Despite the fact that the younger slot is unable to express, the untold words are always in the air. “We Love You Eldies.”

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