8 Times Lucknow Came To Your Rescue When You Were Too Broke!!

Being broke at the end of the month is not a surprise if you were not born with a shining silver spoon in your mouth. Everyone has bad days when all they wonder about is, how are they going to survive in this mean ‘money’ world. Living in Lucknow can get you many benefits and being able to work your way out of the ‘FAQEER’ days is just one of them. Here is a list of ways when living in Lucknow has left you not feeling so low on your pocket.

# All time available street food for the last days of the month when you have nothing more than 100 bucks.

Gone out of budget? We understand. The last weeks of the month leave your pockets empty and you wondering how long would you be able to survive! That’s when living in Lucknow turns out to be a blessing for you as you have various options at street carts, ranging from all kinds of Chinese to the famous Mughlai. You can have it all. 🙂

# Beautifully peaceful places to roam around when you want to get out of your house and have no money to hang out in any cafe.

Lucknow is full of beautiful parks and places to hang out at those times when you are feeling low and you want to enjoy your alone time and don’t have enough money to grab a chair in the cafe. You can go have a long stroll in the parks plugin your earphones and enjoy the music of nature.

# Street shopping markets for those days when you have to go to a party but you are specifically out of money.

Sudden party plans and nothing to wear? Don’t worry you are a Lucknowite! You have a lot of street markets that have an amazing collection of party clothes at cheaper rates. You just need to know where to search. Plus be good at bargaining that’s the ultimate necessity. 😛

# Number of cheaper bakery options for those special birthday cakes on your broke days.

You want to make your friend feel special on their birthday but lack of money is a hindrance? Relax for Lucknow has a lot of options of cheaper bakeries where you can get your desired cakes at cheaper rates. And the taste is great too.

# Getting trendy things at cheaper rates is something Lucknow has “secret” markets for.

Lucknow is full of surprising elements. Places like Aminabad, Chowk, Nakhas etc. come with so many lanes that leave you in awe of the areas. You can get everything in latest fashion at way cheaper rates in these areas. From those sexy pairs of jeans to those leather jackets. You name it and you have got it.

# A hell lot of parks for organizing your special date night when your budget is crashed.

Money can not buy happiness but it can surely get you a superb place for your date night. Lack of money is a big problem when you want to make the night special for your loved one but, if you are living in Lucknow you cannot be any more relaxed. There are a number of parks which can give you the cozy atmosphere you need for the date night, and what can be more romantic than dinner under the stars with your loved one. 🙂

# Lot of cheap hug-able soft toys for decorating your room when you don’t have any money to invest on decors.

You want to give your room the look you have in mind but don’t have enough money to get that done? Take it easy Lucknowites for its a lot easier for you to get your hands on those soft hug-able toys for decoration at really cheap rates.

# When you have to invite a lot of people for the birthday party and the cheap cafes with awesome ambiance come to your rescue.

Lucknow offers you with a variety of trendy cafes and restaurants with a beautiful ambiance that let you throw parties at way cheaper rates making the day fun for your friends without being a heavy load on your pocket.

Living in Lucknow is a blissful experience and every Lucknowite must be very proud of the fact that they are a part of this city. Love you Lucknow for being the lifesaver in those dreadful days. Let us know in the comments section how Lucknow has helped you out!

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