More Than A Thousand Acid Attacks Reported In An Year! Where Are We Heading?

My heart clenches on the mere thought of what the Acid attack victims might have gone through. The pain, the agony, the unexplainable grief of those hearts who received the price of sticking to their choice and not bowing down to the unscrupulous advancements of some great men of the society! If this is what we get in return for existing and making a choice, then believe me no women would ever want to even exist on such a land!
The question is not ‘WHY?’ but the real question is ‘HOW?’ HOW do these people gather the courage to act so heinously? Do the loud agonizing screams of the women not haunt them through the night? Don’t their hands shake before they even pick that vicious liquid? HOW can people be so brutal that they forget that they are charring their own soul forever!
I hate to say this but, India is a sorry state, where women who speak their minds are shut up with horrifying acts that are way beyond any kind of explanation. No court, no argument, and no statements can ever justify such acts! The most shocking part of this whole scenario is how frequent this is, according to a survey held in 2016, approximately 500 cases of acid attacks were reported throughout India, it kills me to even think of the number that went unreported (Because of course what would happen to the family name if we report it to the police. Right?)

It takes just 30 seconds to ruin a life! Yes, it is that quick more like a blink of an eye, something you can totally ignore and pass-by!! No? Just half a minute to destroy that girl’s life, the most common acids used by the perpetrator are hydrochloric, sulphuric or nitric acid. But little is it known that it only takes 5 seconds for acid to cause surface burns and 30 seconds for full-thickness burns.
Acid is so powerful that it even melts the bones! Read that exactly right, it melts the bones of the victims can you even imagine the plight of the person, the shooting pain that you even shiver to imagine.
Even surgeries don’t guarantee a complete cure. What else is on the plate? Not that the psychological trauma would leave the person soon that the EGO of some people marks the women for taking a decision on her own! The records say acid burns require immediate treatment. Since it continues to burn the skin and can cause skeletal damage or organ failure, the victims need to get constant physical therapies and surgeries.
Surgeries cost lakhs of rupees. Despite every effort, these surgeries cost a fortune to the victim’s family and because of that many victims settle with their pain and don’t ever get the proper treatment!
Acids are really cheap! Oh look what comes cheap and is quite easily available in our country! “Acid is still sold openly in some parts of India, and it is easily available to the offenders.  Acid is sold even after the restrictions, and it evoked no action,” said Laxmi Agarwal, a victim who is now one of the most recognizable people in India fighting the assaults. Isn’t it an irony that while at one hand we cry over the increasing crime rates we are ourselves selling the weapon openly in the society?
It is not the body that is ruined but the real damage is done to the soul of the person, you break the person from within charring the confidence and crushing those dreams they ever dared to have! THIS HAS TO STOP! FOR THE SAKE OF HUMANITY!!

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