This Facebook Page ‘Cow Of Benaras’ Is Winning The Internet With Their Captions And Pictures.

We have all been to H.O.N.Y page and read some amazing stuff about not just the Humans Of New York but about the Humans Of Around The World. In India Humans Of Bombay Also showing a different point of view and stories of people living in Mumbai. But these pages are nothing when it comes to the creativity of a Chemical Engineer From BHU, Benaras.

Shivdeep Singh
Shivdeep Singh

Ishu Uppal (Shivdeep Singh) is from Muktsar Punjab, spotting cows everywhere on the roads of benaras and may be also considering them as humans as well, he started clicking pictures of them and giving them captions (deciphering the emotions of those cows).

His friends also help him sometimes  in the captions because thats what herd do :).  We are putting up few post of @COB00 just to give you an idea that what this page is about and is no less than any Humans Of Bombay or Humans Of New York, move Brandon 😛

1. The Spiritual Encounter.


2. Not Happy With Her Relationship.


3. Move Di Caprio, We Have Our Own Environmentalists.


4. Those Facebook Quotes Are No Better Now.

5. You Perverts.


6. Being Bullied.


7. Best PM Can Rest For Sometime Now.


8. They Discuss The Harsh Reality Of Drugs Too.

Look them up on Facebook. Like and Share their stories because life is not beautiful or tough only in New York, its everywhere so Kuch Din Toh Guzaariye Benaras me!!

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