These Things Make You A True Lucknowi Nawab.

Ever wondered if you are a true Lucknowi Nawab or Not? The Lucknowi people have a thing about themselves that makes them stand out from the crowd. Be it their conversing like a Nawab or their special love for the kababs, one thing is for sure that they make up for the best type of people you would ever meet. Here we have certain traits that are the core features of Lucknowi nawabs, which might help you find if you are one or not! 😛

1. ‘Aap’-‘Janab’ are some of the most common words you use in your daily conversation.

It’s something you just can’t help! It is like these words are in the air of Lucknow, The lanes of Lucknow teach you the ‘Adab’, ‘Tameez’, ‘Tehzeeb’ of Lucknow. You don’t need anyone to teach you how to pay respect it is something you inherit from the city.

2. You are totally offended by the ‘Tu’ dialect.

Nothing in the whole world pokes your soul as much as the ‘Tu’ dialect. it feels like someone has just humiliated you by pointing in your direction and that is something you are definitely not used to. Basically, ‘Tu’ seems to be too pokey for you.

3. You are way too proud of being a native of Lucknow!

Almost everyone is proud of their cities but ‘Lucknow wale’ never refrain from mentioning, ‘Muskuraiye Aap Lucknow Mai Hain’. When it comes to flaunting your city you totally ace at it.

4. You search for the Lucknowi peace wherever you go!

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There is no denying that! Lucknow is a place filled with calm, the people here are simple and sweet to talk to, unlike the other cities where people hardly have time to even meet the eye.

5. You seriously don’t get the problem people have with ‘Hum’.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH IT? Yes! Yes! We get all the ‘Hindi grammar’ stuff but we don’t mean in plural sense! It displays our royal inheritance and above all, it is NOT POINTY!

6. You just LOVE Food (Especially kababs)

This is one thing you can never get enough of! There is not one person in this city who would deny being foody! With the mouthwatering kebabs and Oh-So-Tasty food joints all over the city, you can never really be tired of trying new delicacies here.

7. You are actually a good person despite all the boastings of ‘Humare Chacha Vidhayak Hain!’

The city is known by its people, yes here almost every second person has a relative who is into politics and stuff and almost everyone has news of what is up in the political circle, still, the people here are really good from the heart.

8. You raise your collar everytime the government takes a step for the development of UP.

Despite being proud of your city, you do yearn for some changes to be brought in the city and the state to make it speak for itself. So, be it metro or be it opening up of a new expressway, you always speak of it highly.

9. You are way too much aware of Politics.

Well, that is definitely something undeniable! You are politically aware most of the time and always ready to pitch in a few comments for the ongoing political scenario of the country.

10. Your parties are incomplete without ‘HOOKAH’.

You are party people where the most important thing after lip-smacking food is ‘hookah’. Any party that lacks hookah actually lacks the essence of Lucknow!

There are many other things that define Lucknowites but these make up for their core self. Do tell us in the comments below if there are any other peculiar traits of Lucknowites.

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