These 10 Healthy Snacks Are The Perfect Solution For Your Late-Night Food Cravings!

If you often find yourself rummaging through the fridge late at night to put your food craving to rest, then read on.

Most people who binge frequently on midnight snacks opt for unhealthy food choices. This may result in consuming excessive calories, weight gain, acidity or constipation. We bring you 10 healthy snacks to take care of your late night food cravings.


1.Dried figs or dates with milk.


Dates or dried figs are loaded with fiber and nutrition. Snack on a handful of these along with a glass of hot milk. Your tummy will feel full and you will get a good nights’ sleep in no time.


2.Fresh Popcorn.

Young woman watching TV on the couch, eating popcorn

Instead of eating high calorie foods like chips or cookies, switch to low calorie munchies like popcorn. Make sure that it is a butter free version. You can add pepper or chaat masala to flavor it. Enjoy your bowl of popcorn while you watch your late night movie.

3.Crackers with yummy dips.

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Stack your kitchen with low fat and multi grain crackers. You can munch on them with different flavored dips like garlic dip or minty cheesy dip.

4.Milk with cereals.


Warm milk with high fiber cereals is a mix of complex carbohydrates. It satiates your midnight hunger and keeps you healthy and refreshed. Add a spoon of honey as a sweetener. You may also add a pinch of turmeric powder to boost your immunity.

5.Multi grain egg sandwich.


Keep multigrain bread and eggs in your refrigerator to take care of your midnight hunger pangs. Boil the egg, slice it and stuff it between two slices of bread. Sprinkle some cheese, salt and pepper over it. Grill the sandwich and enjoy it with ketchup.

6.Crunchy carrots with hummus or salsa.

closeup of an earthenware bowl with appetizing hummus on a rustic wooden table

Cut peeled carrots into thin sticks. Roast them for some time. Eat them with tangy tomato salsa or hummus dip. It is a crunchy and healthy late night snack with loads of protein and roughage.

7.Bhel with nuts and chutney.


Bhel is puffed rice. It is an all time favourite Indian snack. Add nuts, lemon juice, and bits of raw mango, chopped onion, bell peppers, diced tomatoes and green chilly. Add salt to taste. It is a low calorie snack to put your night food cravings to rest.

8.Greek yogurt with honey and fruit.


Add your fruits like pomegranate, strawberries, diced mango or banana to fat free Greek yogurt. Add some honey for sweetness. It is a healthy which is loaded with probiotic content and your favourite flavor of fruit to add fullness to your tummy.

9.Granola bar.


Snacking on granola bar is a healthy midnight food option. Full of protein, fiber and energy, granola bar is a good substitute for chocolate cravings. It keeps your calorie count low and helps you maintain your weight.

10.Khakhra with cheesy dip.


Khakhra is a Gujarati cracker which is paper thin and round in shape. It is a great filler for late night munching. You can eat this crunchy snack with a cheesy dip or mint chutney. It comes in different flavors too.

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