Suspected Militant Arrested From Lohia Path In Lucknow By UP’s Anti-Terror Squad.

The Anti-Terror Squad (ATS) of the Uttar Pradesh police arrested a terror suspect in Lucknow on Monday. ‘Sheikh Ali Akbar, the suspected militant, provided arms and ammunition to terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir’, said the Inspector General, Aseem Arun.

ATS arrested the suspect from the Lohia Path on 5th February. Akbar, who hails from Ghazipur district of eastern Uttar Pradesh, was in constant touch with his counterparts in J&K through social media and had paid local arms dealers Rs 25,000 for some weapons that were later to be sent to the terror groups in the border state, as per the reports.

It is suspected that Akbar was working as a salesman to camouflage his real identity, as per the officials Akbar is linked to the four terrorists arrested in Bandipur some time back. According to another official, he was also in touch with his fellow terrorists through WhatsApp calls.

Arun said that several ‘jihadi’ videos have been found from his mobile phone and some bank transfers from Kashmir have also been traced to his local account.

Akbar is since being interrogated at the ATS headquarter, Lucknow.

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