Summer Olympics 2016: Players who shined in Rio!

Rio Olympics 2016 is getting more and more thrilling with each day.The athletes are trying to make the best of every situation and some are really shining high and bright. Let’s have a look at those who managed to make a mark on Day 4:

India’s much needed win against Argentina.

After facing a defeat at the hands of Germany, the defending champions of the last Olympics, morale was running pretty low in the Indian Men’s Hockey team when they entered the field against Argentina.

Conceding the three points in the last match had been tough but things took a turn for the better as soon as the match started, the team performed splendidly converting the second penalty corner that came their way in the first half.

Indian Hockey Team

More praiseworthy than the bang on goal was India’s defense. The team kept Argentina well within bounds while making sure to not to let by any penalty that came their way for the first three quarters.

India’s Kothajit scored a clear field goal in the third quarter keeping the game on top notch. But as the fourth quarter approached it seemed Argentina came out of their dreamlike state and finally began charging.

Eventually Gonazalo from Argentina managed to convert a penalty corner towards the end, however fortunately for India that was a little less than what was required to bring the game on even ground and hence India’s team walked out victors!

Indian Hockey Team

This is the first time India has won two group matches ever since their last wins in 2000. Their next face off would be against Netherlands on Thursday.

Michael Phelps: The Golden Olympian.

Swimmer Michael Phelps of US is nothing short of a legend and a working mine of Olympic medals. He went into retirement after the 2012 Olympics where he became the most decorated Olympian of all time with a tally of 22 medals, 18 of which happened to be gold.

Micheal Phelps

He announced his come-back a little after two years of retirement. Rio Olympics 2016 is his fifth Olympic appearance and as he proclaims his last as well and sure as hell he is making the most of it.

On Tuesday he went ahead and won himself a gold medal in the 200m butterfly which took his tally in the genre to a whooping twenty and his overall count to a glowing twenty four; however the day had more in store for him.

Later on in the same day he again bagged a gold in the 4X200 meter freestyle relay.

Phelps wins Gold

In just four days Michael Phelps has won three gold medals and alongside Conor Dwyer, Townley Haas and Ryan Lochte is making US as proud as ever.

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