Small Town Aunties And Their Deadly Dialogues.

Everyone who belongs to small town or has a relative there can relate to these deadly dialogues uttered by the adorable aunties of our society. Not just disturbing, these dialogues are becoming serious stressors among youth, because unfortunately it does matter ki, ‘Log kya Kahenge’ !!

1.Arre waah graduation ki badhai ho… Kyu Sharma ji… beti shadi layak ho gai hai ab toh.

Okay!Okay! Aunty get a HOLD. Graduation is not any conclusive which defines when a girl should get married. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your concern, but seriously chill please because every Sharma ji or Verma ji will get their daughter married whenever she is ready for it.

2.Sarkari naukri nahi lagi ladke ki…kya fayda itna padh ke?

Well obviously as per you the “Sarakari Naukri” is everything but aunties this ladka will surely do some good with his life despite the fact that he dosn’t have the prestigious “Sarkari Naukri”

3.Kya!! Tumhe khana ni bnane aata? Sasural mai ja ke kya krogi?

One question, “Am i going to the so-called ‘Sasural’ for cooking?” Well if not, then how does it matter if i don’t know how to properly cook a meal. Aunty jee, we are so self sufficient that we can hire a cook when we need one. So, Relax.

4.Tumhe chef banna h?? Ladke hoke chulha-chauka kroge??

Take a break Aunty!! Well which book has these golden words that, ‘A man cannot cook’ ? Cooking is an art and anyone can master it, be it a girl or a boy. So Aunty do you wanna maybe come over for lunch today? 🙂

5.Aaj kal ke bachhe kuch zada hi modern nahi ho gaye hai!!

Oh! that’s true aunty, and much to your despise we can’t help it. We were born in this modern era and we can assure you it wouldn’t have been a great scenario if the children today behaved the other way round.

6.Humne to apni zindagi jee li beta!! Ab tumhare upar hai apni sawaro ya bigado.

Finally!! You said it. This is your one dialogue we absolutely love to hear, though we tend to avoid the tone you used. But aunty we will surely take care of ourselves and our future.

Despite getting on our nerves we love the fact that aunties of our society do care about us a lot and seriously aunties we are thankful for your ultimate concern. 🙂 Long live aunties.

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