This Valentine’s Week Say “I Love You” In 12 Different Indian Languages!!

Across the barriers of language, Love triumphs!

Love is a universal emotion which sees no barriers, and nothing is sweeter than hearing “I love you” from the one you love. Although the emotion of love is common to all, every language and culture possess a unique way of saying these beautiful words. This Valentine’s week lets shout it out to the world because “Pyaar ek ehsaas hai iske izhaar mai jo khoobsurti hai vo kahin nahi!”

1. Malayalam

Kerala, popularly known as Gods Own Country offers you with some of the best destinations in India for any kind of holiday. Let your proposal be backed up by backwaters, coconuts, and elephants.


The land of happy people who live to make other’s lives jolly-good! Punjab popularly referred to as ‘The land of five rivers’, houses many beautiful places like Morni Hills, The Rock Garden, many Rose Gardens where you could take your loved ones and propose them.


While Assam is considered as one of the perfect spots for a holiday, it can also make your proposals special since this state is rich in natural scenery as well as culture. Try places like Majuli and Haflong to make your love-life special.


Chhattisgarh is not just rich in nature and parks, but you can also find this state covering sacred sites, monuments, statues and historic places. Confessing your love can be just perfect.


The widely-spoken language of the country has some beautiful words combined to express this wonderful feeling, pick yourself up and get ready to start talking.


Urdu is viewed as one of the most beautiful languages.The language brings out the proposal of love as a soft music to the ears. The heavy words weigh down your doubtful thoughts and make this confession even more promising.


Well, I don’t think that “I love you” will be required after playing the eye-contact game during playing Garba. Proposing in Gujrati will impress your Garba partner.


I have never come across someone who is a Marathi and doesn’t know his/her language. Even the smallest of a child is a pro in speaking Marathi. So if you are of another religion and want to approach a Marathi… learning these two lines will really help you.


Almost every third friend in our group is a Sindhi. So, it’s better that you learn how to say “I love you” in Sindhi as the fortune of love can bestow upon you anytime.


Well, the complete state of Rajasthan has something to offer you to create a proposal scene (except the desert). Learning this language and impressing your lady/beau is very easy.

11. Bengali

The land of sweets has love flowing through it. The sugary language has one of the best ways to express love and the endearing language says it all out loud.

12. Bhojpuri

The native of North India, this language has a very funny accent, you might feel the language is harsh but believe me it is one of the most fun languages that you would come across, the 3 words of Love come out to be straight and clear for the people here love to pour their hearts out.

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