Rejoice Lucknow!! Finally An App That Tells You All About The City Malls!! Go Shopping.

Which store in which mall is having what sale!!! Itna kaun batata hai Yarr!!!

Okay Lucknow get ready to welcome the first ever mobile app that can answer your ‘mall’ time question of “Kahan Milega?”. This question is the one that can actually take up a lot of your time and eventually, because of that you end up in the same place you have been going since forever. A bunch of enthusiasts came up with this amazing idea of bringing all the malls of your city under one app on your mobile screen. Now, you don’t have to google and scroll through those various websites and still not get the answer you want!!

MallSquare APP is a platform developed by a bunch of young minds from Lucknow and Bangalore for providing the population with an easy resort to all their questions. Be it to find the best stores or to know about the probable events happening near you, you got it all!! This app is one stop where you can get the nearest malls, their sales, discounts, events happening and even their floor plans! Mall Square App is the answer to all your questions on that shopping urge. A platform with all the information about the malls of your city and not just that it also lets you book your stuff before it gets out of stock! Isn’t that totally Amazing!!

The app is presently covering the malls of Lucknow and Bangalore with the future aspects of connecting with Delhi and Mumbai. This app would provide the Lucknowites with all the details of the malls as in, which store in which mall is having what sale! All these queries are answered by this one app that works for pleasing the cravings of the shoppers. Reducing the hassle, MallSquare App gives you all the necessary details on your mobile. Mr. Qisar Malik of Lucknow, came up with this idea of making shopping easy for the people, along with the efforts of his team (Nikhil, Adil, Ayaz, Nishchal and Abhijit), he has successfully given the city its first mall app that is a big step forward towards the digitization of Lucknow.

The developments of Lucknow are quite on pace and with such apps the city seems to be taking digital steps towards development. No need to go from mall to mall or that endless scrolling on net for getting your particular ‘white shirt’ its just a click away on MallSquare App now. Go crazy Lucknow and download the app from here!!

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