These Privileges Are Given to Cancer Patients in India: Did You Know?

Cancer: The mere mention of the name gives chills. This deadly disease has taken over the whole of the world! a disease with no cure and a lot of lives affected. Constant efforts are being made to find the cure to this life-claiming disease, yet no fruitful results have come out. Every year approximately seven lakh people are diagnosed with cancer, a number so huge that it aches to even think of what these people must be going through! All those nights they spend in pain struggling, crying because the journey through transplants and chemo sessions is not an easy one.

The Government of India has taken many steps in order to provide some financial relief to the cancer patients of the country but sadly only a few are aware of these steps by government. Surely no amount of money can ease the pain of the patients but it can definitely help them have better treatment.

The Government Of India has provided cancer patients with Railway Exemption, the Cancer patients can travel in trains at zero cost. The attendee or bystander only needs to pay 25% of the actual II class fare. This concession is applicable when they are traveling for medical purposes. These numbers change depending on the situation.

Apart from that, the concession in air travel is also given, the cancer patient only has to pay 50% of the basic fare of the economy class. The concession is available to residents of India who are suffering from cancer and are traveling for the purpose of medical treatment or check-up.

Many other funds are available for the cancer patients for taking smooth treatment not that any of this can take the pain away, but still, the government gives income tax relief to the patients suffering from cancer under Section 80DDB.

We know the fight against cancer is strenuous, but our government is there for us, many organizations are running around the country to spread awareness about cancer and its aids, constant efforts are being done to find a remedy to this killer disease until then, Please Hang On!

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