Potterhead Hangout At Cafe TC: Who Are You Dressing Up As?

So Lucknow brace yourself for getting lost into the world where everything is possible, from flying on brooms to getting everything done by just a swish of your wand. This Sunday, Lucknow is going to witness the magic of Harry Potter, a name without which our childhood would have been incomplete, arranged by the Booknerds in Cafe TC, gomtinagar. Potterhead hangout is all about people who are eagerly waiting for their Hogwarts letter, who believe in Dumbledore and are ready to face ‘you know who’ at the very first call of Harry.

The event has a lot to offer to the crazy potterheads just to give them the feel that they are different from other muggles. Activities like Book discussion and reading, Harry Potter Quiz and the most exciting of all Harry Potter cosplay will be conducted there. So to all the booknerds out there in Lucknow, this is the chance to visit among the people of your kind. To find your Harry,Ron and Hermione and live your dreams with others. You have a chance to dress up as your favorite character from the magical world and we are here at your rescue. We bring to you some crazy ideas for the cosplay which are unique in their own way and well best thing is you might be one of your kind.
P.S : one who dresses up the best will get potter goodies too. 😛

1. You-know-who (He who must not be named)

The most dreaded person in the world of Harry potter. Powerful, but one with the evil mind and never ending thirst for power. The one who must not be named. Dressing up as Lord Voldemort will not only be different but also evil and Evil is good. Be the dark lord for your cosplay and make the world worship you.

2. Albus Dumbledore

Dressing up as Dumbledore can be one of the best thing you do. Feel the Power of goodness and let people’s love flow for you. Being even a part of Albus Dumbledore, is more than anything for a Hogwarts fan.

3. Professor Umbridge

Ahmm Ahmm Dressing up as one of the most hated professors’ of Hogwarts, surely won’t make you the loveliest person around but for sure being ‘the lady in pink’ will surely make you look way different from others. Besides, dressing up as her can be very easy for as you can carry all the pink you have in your wardrobe.

4. Rubius Hagrid

Well, if you are a soft hearted, loyal, jolly and full of life then Hagrid is for you. Even if you don’t posses any of those traits then I bet you will feel good for a day’s changeover. Dress up in life, dress up Hagrid.

5. Severus Snape

Do you stand for the truth without the fears? Do you value the words and the promises? Are you brave? Then you are undoubtedly “Severus snape” , and dressing like him will flaunt your traits to the Potterheads.

6. Moaning Myrtle

If you have been worried about how people deal with your favorite territory when you are not around and you always wish to take charge of those things even if you are not alive. We all wish things like these don’t we but if that territory is a toilet, then my friend the list of characters have one perfectly just for you. Dress like Moaning Myrtle. And oh, do not misuse the powers, if you know what I mean.

7. Luna Lovegood

Rhythm is life, rain is but poetry and butterflies are sonnets. If you agree to this then you are a true artist just like Luna Lovegood. You have a soft corner to everything that adds on to the beauty of a certain artform. Why not celebrate it by being Luna Lovegood for a day.

8. Sirius Black (The Godfather)

We all have a past and we should take it as a priceless lesson learned and should keep it as a reference when dealing with the thick and thins. Sirius teaches us to move on with a strong heart and face life with more energy. Such lessons make us brave, make us respect the others, their words, make us Sirius black.

9. Bellatrix Lestrange

There are a lot of things which can be learned from Bellatrix like one should never let the negativity to dominate over oneself in a way that it starts killing you from within and effects the loved ones around. If you want this message to the world and dress up like her to show that you are up to support people who are depressed.

10. Professor Trelawney

The Divination professor we all felt sympathetic for, surely had something because of which she was respected so much by Dumbledore himself besides being the source of the prophecy she even won our hearts by the simplicity. Dress up as her and let the world respect you for who you are.

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