Dedication Redefined: Poor Girl Goes To Railway Station Every Day To Study Under Light.

Someone rightly said,”The struggle you are in today, is developing the strength you need for tomorrow.”

These words were brought to life by a little girl, named Divya, whose larger than life dreams have made everyone spellbound. Every day there are a lot of images, videos regarding various fields streaming on the internet, but very few of them serve the purpose other than entertainment.

This little girl has a lot to teach us. Divya, a dedicated young girl who loves to study and has big dreams, is thriving to achieve them her way. this brave-hearted girl has defeated poverty and is set to achieve her dreams.

Divya’s parents are poor and live next to a temple near the Orai railway station.lack of electricity, inquiry and the zeal to do more, made Divya go to the railway station to study under the light of the inquiry counter. Divya comes to the station daily to study and her efforts and dedication leave the passers-bys in awe. one such passer-by named Rakesh Kumar Singh was inspired by the efforts of Divya and shared her story on Facebook.

His effort has now made Divya an inspiration to look at. How she, Despite all the hurdles, is fighting for the one thing that is dear to her, her dreams.After his post on Facebook, gained great popularity, many helping hands came to aid for making her future bright.

In this world of harshness Divya has set a new definition for ‘dedication’. This little girl has set the words true that one’s destiny is in one’s own hands. We wish Divya all the best for her future and may all the other students of her stature be put, for they are the future of India, and such dedication and hard work is the reply to the end of poverty.

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