P.M Narendra Modi’s Visit Of Sri Lanka.

Prime minister Narendra Modi is all set to visit Sri Lanka today. He said that this visit is a sign of  “strong relationship” between the two countries.This visit is a step forward to the PM’s promise to “script a golden chapter in the history of India-Lanka relations.”

Seema Malaka Temple

While there Modi will take part in the International Vesak Day celebrations, the biggest festival of Buddhists. He will also inaugurate a hospital built with Indian assistance there and address the Tamil communities establishes there.

Some international experts see this hasty visit back to Lanka as a sign of India’s concern to the deepening relations between China and Sri-Lanka. Alan Keelan of International crisis Group quoted “For Modi to visit again so soon is clearly an expression of India’s concern about China’s deepening economic roots in Sri-Lanka  and the potential strategic, even military advantages this might ultimately bring .”

Oblivious to all that’s being anticipated of his visit, the PM seems quite optimistic about his travels. He took to facebook to express the same.


“This will be my second bilateral visit there in two years, a sign of our strong relationship,” he said in a facebook post.

“My visit brings to the fore one of the most abiding links between India and Sri Lanka – the shared heritage of Buddhism,” he said.

It will be quite interesting to see what this trip overseas has in store for India as it endeavors to deepen it’s connection with an important neighbor.

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