Old is Gold: 90’s Ads That Would Definitely Pull The Childhood String.

If you are someone born in the 90s then definitely you would be able to connect with this as you have lived a long long span of two decades. Yes, the world has changed a lot in these past 2 decades, and you have superbly adjusted and grown up with this change. Still, when you see the kids born today in the generation of hi-tech equipment *sigh* you slightly miss your days when back then all you were worried about was, ‘pehle batting kaun karega?’… In an attempt to bring back the memory of those wonderful days we are here with some best classical ads which we are sure would make you sing along.

1. Vicco Turmeric and Vicco Vajradanti

One of the most sung ads that too with full lyrics. As back in 90s we didn’t have many options of advertisements, the little advertisements were a great treat. Singing along this ayurvedic cream and toothpaste ad was fun.The jingle has stuck hard into our minds.

2. Washing Powder Nirma

A complete no nonsense ad. This ad could not be forgotten by the 90s kids at all. Not just the sing along, the washing powder altogether attracted us for, it appeared to be magic how dirty clothes came out of the bucket in all shining whites.

3. Parle G( G for Genius)

Be it advertisement of biscuits or soaps we sang along all the jingles with the same spirit. The new flavor for the very favorites made us actually add the statement at the end of the jingle every time we sung it.

4. MDH masale

A spice ad that continued to be aired for more than a decade with the same ‘old uncle’ featuring in the ad made it even more memorable.(M.D.H  M.D.H)

5. Lifebuoy soaps

The healthcare soap that was multipurpose for washing hands to taking bath. The jingle of these soaps still hums into our minds when we use it.

6. Sundrop oil

A oil that keeps you away from the heart diseases and really very close to the song is the oil you must opt for. One of a kind, a safer heart oil was not just popular among the adults but also among the kids for the catchy music.

7. Close Up

The most attractive thing about the ad of this product was the way the jingle was sung. It was the sole reason behind the ad gaining so much popularity.

8. Ponds (Googli Woogli Woosh)

A Skin moistening cream, with the sweetest jingle. the jingle itself is so sweet that it appeals right away to the customers.(Ah ha ha.. googly woogly)

9. Dermi cool

A brand known since then till now which supplies anti germ powder. You might not remember what you had yesterday for lunch, But certainly you must be remembering the jingle for this powder ad.

10. Action Shoes

A shoe brand every 90’s kid has surely heard of. Ask any 90’s kid and they will most certainly repeat after you ‘Action Ka school time’ that too with all the music and rhyme.

11. Fevicol

The adhesive that stuck two people together forever. Well wow, the ads at 90’s time were hilariously great and fun to look at.

12. Ujala

The cloth whitening liquid blue had one of the most nicely put rhythmic jingle. Hardly had the kids any use of the blue but singing along with the advertisement was way too much fun.

13. Classic toothbrush

You might not clearly remember the song, ‘Eena  Meena Deeka’, but you surely can’t forget the ‘Laal kaala peela’ jingle of this toothbrush brand. A musical singalong for the kids of 90s when life was way too funny.

14. Feviquick

The ad of this adhesive is worth watching again. Its hilarious at the same time promotes the product too well. If you don’t remember then surely take a look at it.

15. Vicks

Medicine for soar throat, cough or cold. A hard to forget ad. The song is so well embedded into the minds of the 90’s kids that you are recalling it even now while reading this.

16. Uncle Chips

Bole Mere Lips… I Love Uncle Chips. The favorite snack for even today’s kids is uncle chips. The lip smacking taste even the older generation likes. One thing for sure let the days pass uncle chips would never be second on the list.

17. Paan Parag

The most famous and widely accepted pan masala brand. Paan Parag has since then gained a lot of popularity and along with them a memorable ad.

18. Boost

Drink every sports kid was fond of after all ‘Boost was the secret of their energy’. Moreover, when the cricket’s godfather himself promoted the chocolate powder then no place for doubts was even present

19. Vasmol

The black hair oil with the lovely singalong jingle gave the viewers yet another melodious break.

20. Hero

One of the most famous automotive company which everyone knows. Most musical jingle which brought whole of india together.. the jingle was sung so fondly by the people that the product got very much recognition due to this.

21. Raymond’s

A brand known since the till now and still growing. This brand needed the mention for the sole reason of it still being  advertised and being one of the best in its field.

22. Nerolac Paints

Nerolac! nerolac! a jingle no one would ever forget. It didn’t really matter what the product was but singing along with the jingles was one thing we loved to do.

23. Cadbury Dairy milk chocolate

One of the tastiest choclates and you don’t need to be essentially of 90’s to know this chocolate loved by almost every kid.

24. Dhara oil

Every 90’s kid is bound to remember this advertisement. Showcasing the fondness of siblings at the same time how easy we were to convince as kids. This advertisement was simply loved.

25. Hmara Bajaj

One of the oldest automotive company. Almost every house in India had one bajaj scooter. Hamara bajaj.

26. Rasna

The very famous soft drink for any occasion. Rasna was kids favorite, no glass went empty without ‘I Love You Rasna’ chant.

Say as it was, the advertisements back in 90s were quite entertaining. The singalong jingles were so beautifully made that we, despite being much older now, can sing those jingles back again that too along with all the rhyme and rhythm. Do tell us if we missed any great ad from the 90s, as we love falling back into the abyss of nostalgia and never getting up.

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