Forward Together An NGO, Has Come Up With A Unique Theme To Celebrate Mother’s Day Because ‘Mamahood Is Not One Size Fits All’

Mother’s day is around the corner and we all are busy in planning something different this time for our beloved mom. Some are going for a movie while others have a vacation or a king-size dinner at mom’s place in mind.

Forward Together is a California based NGO, which is celebrating the day in a unique way. Continuing their practice of coming up with unique themes, this year the NGO is celebrating diversity.


Their latest project recognizes mothers from Marginalized Groups with a compassion not often seen in usual Mother’s Day cards. Their collection of cards is not just heart-touching but venerates moms that are left at the edge or worse, and ignored by the mainstream media every year on Mother’s Day.

This Oakland-based multi-racial organization, has been working to ensure that all families have their rights recognized and the required resources they need to thrive.


Their Mamas Day series is an attempt to consider plurality of voices from the diverse range of families that celebrate Mother’s Day in their own way across the globe. This projection is in harmony with the ideology of the NGO that ‘mamahood is not one size fits all.’

The organisation is distributing 15,000 customised cards to mothers across the United State as a part of its “Mamas Day” initiative. They have come up with e-cards celebrating motherhood, immigrant mothers, and Muslim mothers.


Talking about their unique idea, Kalpana Krishnamurthy, policy director at Forward Together told Huffington Post:

“Since the start of (the Trump) administration we’ve seen executive orders that target both communities. There are many ways to resist Trump’s policies ― and Forward Together encourages our supporters to contact members of Congress, call the White House, etc. We can also resist by supporting individual Mamas and their families with extra love and support.” 


Bearing in mind the impending ban on immigrants which the US President Donald Trump wants to turn into law, and the subsequent furore it has fumed across the country, this beautiful project is seen as a step towards equality and recognition of  those who are facing discrimination.

Taking into account the social threats, attacks and harassment faced by immigrants and Muslims, we see these cards as harbingers of hope and love.

While on one hand, the social ostracisation that immigrants and Muslim community members are subjected continues to rise, with even the US President’s efforts to convert an impending ban on immigrants into a law, this initiative comes as a whiff of fresh hope.

This project on this Mamas day is certainly a step for instilling into them the feeling that ‘they are not alone.’

We all know that there are concerns of incarceration, deportation and hate violence among the parents of color which the common Holiday-Commercial Promotions and Offers will not address. Advocacy organization Forward Together believes that they recognize them with their annual “Mamas Day” project.

Their cards honor families of various races, structures and gender presentations unlike those typically included in Mother’s Day products.


Ms. Krishnamurthy also told Colorlines about the project’s 2011 genesis:

“We started the project because, at a really fundamental level, we know that the mamas who are a part of our families and communities often don’t get the recognition and love that they deserve.”

She further commented,

“We started this collaboration with artists to really show diverse images of motherhood, whether it’s immigrant or single mamas, grandmothers raising grandchildren, mamas who are in detention centers or in jail—who are still mothers, right?”

2017 is not the first time! Forward Together has been dedicating their campaign to a marginalized section of mothers from LGBTQ mothers, to mothers of color.


Last year Mamas Day cards were sent to immigrant mothers who were being held in U.S. detention centers.

The great news is that the Mamas Day website allows anyone to pick a card and add a customized message for a Muslim or immigrant mom in their life.

The website can help you create customized messages like, “We see you. We love you. We support you. Happy Mamas Day.”

Wait, it doesn’t end here! The project allows users to extend a physical card to a mom they don’t know.


This year, celebrate diversity while you show your love!

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