Motivation For Dummies- 6 Amazing Movie Speeches To Get You Through Tough Times.

We all have those days when we feel low and unsure about ourselves. On days like these, all we need is a little push, a little motivation to get back in the game! Different people have different ways to deal with their rough patch! Some turn to books for inspiration or find solace in speaking to a friend while others surf through the internet for motivational stuff ( I am talking to you, millennials!).

If you have stumbled upon this post while searching for some motivation to get you through tough times, you will not be leaving disappointed.

Here are 7 inspirational scenes/ speeches from movies to remind you about 7 important lessons of life, hope, courage and overcoming failures.

1.To remind yourself what really matters is ‘this moment’.

Peaceful Warrior is all about loving what you do and not giving up. In this scene, Socrates tells Dan about the futility of worrying too much about the past and the future and making the most out of the present.

2.To remind yourself that you need to ‘find your voice.’

One of the most heartwarming and remarkable movies ever made, Dead Poets Society is full of inspiring and encouraging quotes. In this clip from the movie, Professor Keating teaches his students to look things in a different way and find their own voice before it’s too late.

3.To remind yourself of the importance of having a dream.

Yeh Jawaani hai Dewaani is a part of every 20 somethings ‘favorite movies’ list.  Here, Bunny tells Naina about his dream-the dream to see the world, experience all that life has to offer and never stop living!

4.To remind yourself to never let anybody tell you ‘you can’t.’

Based on a true story, The Pursuit of Happyness is about one man’s struggle against all odds for a better life. In this amazing moment from the movie, Chris Gardner (Will Smith) teaches his son one of most essential lessons of life , “don’t let anybody ever tell you that you are not good enough.”

5.To remind youself that “hope is a beautiful thing.” 

No other movie portrays the power of being hopeful in dire situations as beautifully as Shawshank Redemption. Andy (Tim Robbins) undying hope and undefeated courage ultimately brings him freedom!

6.To remind yourself that ‘winning’ is all about not letting failures discourage you.

Perhaps not the best one in the series but Rocky Balboa undoubtedly had a number memorable moments and dialogues. In this particular scene, Rocky, who is ready to go in for ‘one more round’ is telling his son that in order to win in life, one must be ready to take chances, “take the hits” and not lose courage!

7.To remind you of the true meaning of life.

Zindagi Milegi na Dobara is an excellent movie celebrating life, friendship and love. This amazing piece of poetry in Farhan Akhtar’s voice tells us what it means to ‘be alive.’

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