Make The City A “No Protest On The Roads Zone” | Cries The Lucknow.

With on growing Metro construction and amidst hustle and bustle of Lucknow’s population, common men are on pause on their lives. On the top of it, rallies and protests are being observed by the city day after day. Isn’t it too chaotic for office goers and school kids to reach office and schools on time?


According to Prashant Rastogi, an office goer and a father of two kids, “It gets very inconvenient for me to reach my office on time whenever any rally comes up. These people block all roads and even my kids get stuck in traffic jams for hours. I wonder if administration will take any step to solve this problem.”

Such is the scenario of Lucknow when protests and politics are on top.  In a BJP Rally few days back, protesters did not care about the pedestrians and vehicle users which caused a massive traffic jam in the city, hindering any movement of buses, cars and scooters.


What if this can be solved? What if Akhilesh Yadav takes one step to make Lucknow a rally free zone?  Wouldn’t it be easier for everyone for us? Especially when Lucknow Metro construction is at its peak.  The city surely needs less chaos when it is working its way out to improve its conditions.  Wouldn’t it be easier if they were ‘no rallies at all?’

Sometimes back, BSP workers held a rally in Hazratganj against Dayasgankar Singh, the former Uttar Pradesh BJP vice-president, the reason being him comparing Mayawati to a prostitute. BSP workers got filled with rage and crowded the roads in agitation.


This caused some severe traffic jams in the nearby areas. And Hazratganj being the heart of Lucknow faced a lot of chaos during the protest. Vehicles couldn’t move and kids got stuck after school.

The problem becomes severe when locals are not informed beforehand about the rallies and protests and come across traffic jams out of the blue. Lucknow experienced a massive city blocked few days back when Anganwadi employees broke in the city and made it chaotic for the whole city.


We expect our administration to take steps regarding such rallies and introduce measures to solve this continual issue for the local people. We hope Akhilesh Yadav makes Lucknow a rally free zone soon.

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