Major Events Of The World That Made 2017 A Remarkable Year!

The year 2017 is coming to a blissful end. We all have grown up yet another year some celebrated their sweet sixteen while some turned 30 this year. The fun of growing and not actually realizing it makes life a happy place to be! 2017 has turned out to be quite eventful, many major events the world has come across and they are not so easy to digest. We bring to you a list of certain events that made 2017 a remarkable year!

1. Donald Trump’s election

Beginning with the most discussed news of 2017, the election of Donald Trump as the U.S president.The news created quite a lot of talks all around the world. America is one of the most powerful countries in the world has its presidential election as the hot topic all around. The election of Donald Trump, infamous for his dictatorial nature, gave 2017 a quite exciting start.

2. End of net neutrality in the U.S

Another news that shook the world is the end of net neutrality in the U.S. Making this more of a fuss for the internet freaks! A step undertaken by the Trump Government has actually left the audience bewildered and amazed. Though some people agree that the step by the US Government is fascinating we absolutely see no point in paying more to the websites for merely using them!!

3. Triple Talaq declared unconstitutional!

Later in the year 2017, India saw a wind of change when the Muslim women rose to seek justice against the rule of instant divorce through ‘triple talaq’. The Muslim Indian women got their plea accepted by the government in the month of August when the Supreme Court of India declared the practice of Triple Talaq as unconstitutional and made it a punishable offense!

4. IAF Successfully Test Fired Brahmos from Sukhoi 30-MKI

The world’s fastest supersonic cruise missile, BrahMos, was successfully flight-tested for the first time from the Indian Air Force’s frontline fighter, Sukhoi-30MKI in this year. The missile was tested against a sea-based target in the Bay of Bengal. giving India a great boost in the section of Air Force Missiles!

5. Chester Bennington Passed away!

It can’t be said that 2017 was totally a great year. The world has seen the loss of some great personalities in this year. One of them being the Linkin Park’s lead singer, Chester Bennington who lost the battle to depression and ended his life. The death of Chester brought a wave of teary-eyed fans and encouraged a lot of awareness among the youth for the fight against depression!

6. M C Mary Kom won a gold medal in 48 kg category in Asian Women’s Boxing Championship.

The famous Indian boxer M C Mary Kom once again made India proud by winning a Gold medal in the Asian Women’s Boxing Championship in November this year. It can be said that 2017 came out to be a shining year for India.

7. India lost to Pakistan In cricket world cup

Cricket is considered to be one of the most popular games all over the world and the cricket match between India and Pakistan is the most over-hyped match. As India has been in quite a great form lately, It was quite a big issue when India lost the world cup to Pakistan. Something for the Pakistan fans to rejoice but left the Indians clenching.

8. The UK activates Article 50 of European Union.

Yet another big event that shook the world was The United Kingdom’s decision of leaving the Europe Union through a proper referendum. The UK is set to pull the trigger on the formal two-year exit process by the end of March. A plan is to be set out before applying the EU’s Article 50 divorce procedures.

9. The fight for Raqqa

Raqqa in Syria has long been captured by the terrorist groups of Syria and Iraq. The ISIS has been losing their grip on the two countries slowly. 2017 marked for the struggle against ISIS in fighting for the capital of Raqqa with the help of American Government.

10. Legalising of LGBT marriage in Taiwan.

A wave of joy swept in the month of May this year when the Taiwanese government passed the Marriage law of LGBT, legalizing same-sex marriage. The request for changing the mindset of the people is highly needed and this step has turned a lot of heads but seriously LET THEM TALK!!

11. India was re-elected as a member of UNESCO’s executive board.

In the month of November this year, India was re-elected as an executive board’s member of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation). It’s a proud notion for India.

12. GST was applied In India.

One of the most debated topics of the year was the application of Goods and Services Tax in replacement of the multiple cascading taxes levied by the central and state governments. The GST was applied In July this year! making 2017 a turning year in the economy of the country.

13. Death of Shashi Kapoor

End of the year 2017 left India in tears with the loss of a great actor Shashi Kapoor. In the start of December India lost a great figure to age. The Multi-talented actor ruled the world of Bollywood for decades. Winner of many national awards the actor rested on December 4th, 2017.

14. Ram Nath Kovind took oath as President of India.

India got its 14th President Ram Nath Kovind in July this year, preceding Pranab Mukharjee. With the promise of working to the fullest of his will. Kovind is welcomed as the President by the public. He has represented India in UN earlier.

15. Game Of Thrones’s 7th season came out.

2017 was one of the most awaited years for the Game Of Thrones fans as it was due to release its 7th season! The show has overtaken the world of series like a boss. The season 7 was released in July and it actually made the internet crash!

16. Blockbuster hits

The year has been a hit for some really epic movie releases. Starting from Bahubali: The Conclusion, Justice League, Wonder women, Thor: Ragnarok etc left the fiction lovers stunned while for the reality lovers challenging movies like Secret Superstar, Jolly LLB2, Mom etc. were remarkable. The year witnessed the horror peak with the release of Annabelle Creation and IT.

17. Rahul Gandhi became the Congress President.

2017 has been a hell of a year ending with the most awaited news of the once describe ‘Reluctant Prince’ taking up the president’s seat of India’s one of the oldest and most disputed political party, Congress. Rahul Gandhi is believed to bring a generational change in the grand old party. Rahul has been put to many critical judgments by the public and other parties, seems like its finally his time to turn things around.


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