Lucknow’s Street Dogs Became Everyone’s Favourite After Scuffle With Burglars.

Dog’s are our best friends. Be it a domestic dog or a street dog, there is no difference in their love for anyone who shows them a little love! Yet another example of this came forward on Sunday night when the street dogs of Indira Nagar colony stopped burglars from breaking into their beloved’s house.

Dr. Vishaka Shukla is one of the few residents in the Indira Nagar colony who used to treat the street dogs outside her house with unconditional love! When everyone was busy shooing them away, she showered them with affection. Even though there was no ulterior motive to her love, the dogs proved their devotion to her when on Sunday night a few thieves tried to break into Vishaka’s house.

They leaped onto the burglars and fought with everything they had! The burglars injured the dogs with sharp objects.One of the dogs acquired severe injuries in the stomach while another one suffered a leg fracture during this scuffle.

Finally, the burglars decided to quit their malicious endeavor. They ran away, leaving Vishaka’ s house secured. Dr. Vishaka later ensured that the dogs are getting all the right medical attention they need.

Meanwhile, overnight the street dogs have become everyone’s favorite in the colony. They are deemed the heroes of Indira Nagar. Maybe this incident will change the way people look at the street dogs and instead of shooing them away, will welcome them into their hearts.

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