Lucknow’s First Bollywood Themed Cafe Is Here And You Should Definitely Not Miss It.

Meherbaan! Sahibaan! Kadardaan! khul gayi hai ab… Masti Ki dukaan!

Lucknow, get excited! For, now you have your own Bollywood themed cafe where you can go all crazy and feel the perkiness of the “Dhinchak b-town” songs. The City of Nawabs is getting a shimmering touch with this new exciting cafe right in the center of the city. Page 3 Pub and Bistro is wonderfully Bollywood themed, the live music and the perfect interior give you the desi feel that you have been looking for.

“Page 3” has all the glitter and gold in their right places, the perfect B-Town talk and the mouth-watering food of the place make up for a perfect combination. Lucknow is the food capital and Page 3 surely should be your next ‘must-visit’ place for, the food here is amazingly lip-smacking, the slurpy soups and oh-so-good pizzas are undoubtedly the rulers of this place. Here Hum-Tum, Malamal Weekly, and Three Idiots are not just movies but something that you can munch on! The menu of the place says it all with funky b-town posters and quirky dishes which really appeal you to give it a try!!

Situated in the heart of the city the cafe is a promising one to stick to your heart. Page 3 pub and bistro is pocket-friendly giving you even more reasons to visit the place being just 1000 rupees for two, this place is a total win-win.

Page 3 pub and bistro has one most amazing every Friday winter warm-up offer that lets you have unlimited momos and ten varieties of soups in just 499! The amazing offer can let you overcome all of your food fantasies.

Not just this, the cafe is all up for celebrating the special week for you and your loved one! this Valentine’s week take your valentine on a date in Page 3 pub and bistro to relish a 15% off on your bill and let the singles die of jealousy! 😛  With such refreshing offers, ideally lighter on your pockets and the perfect Bollywood ambiance, this place is definitely not to be missed.

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