Lucknow’s Fancy Alambagh Bus Station Will Be Ready To Roll Soon.

Many steps are being taken in order to make Lucknow a metropolitan city, one such step is making Smart Bus stations. The Alambagh bus station of Lucknow is believed to be ready, with well-equipped facilities of International level. The bus station is equipped with the sensor system, from the display of arrival and departure timings to everything else. The bus station is directly connected to the metro station for avoiding any sort of hustle and for the commuters’ convenience, a number of elevators are set up.

Alambagh Bus Station Lucknow

The bus station will have many facilities for the comfort of the people, some of them being AC Waiting Rooms with Speaker connections, AC Food Plaza, Galleries equipped with ‘mist air fans’, Bank, Post Office, and Tourism office, CCTV camera covering the whole of the station and many others.

50 platforms have been set up for the access of busses at the station; The bus station is directly linked to the metro station making it more comforting and avoiding the jams on road. In coming days the bus station will be even more worked up when the metros until Munshipulia starts off. The Bus station once started, will rip off the burden from Charbagh efficiently reducing the traffic in the area. The underground parking of this bus station is made so that it can accommodate more than 100 buses at a time which is a lot considering the traffic of Lucknow.

The bus station is almost ready and for its final assessment, a team is set up by the transport corporation who would visit the bus station for its inspection. After Inspection, if required, some changes would be made and soon the bus station would open to the public. This bus station would be a great step towards a metropolitan Lucknow.


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