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Lucknowites Who Made It To The Limca Book Of Records.

Lucknow has always made a special place for itself in India. The city of Nawabs is full of raw talent and this talent has made space for itself in the Limica Book Of Records. Lucknow has never failed to mesmerize people. Here are some of the records set up by the people of Lucknow that have left people captivated in the awe of Lucknow.

#1. Record of being the youngest to pursue post graduation in India.

Miss Sushma Verma, aged 15 years is the youngest child to pursue Ph.D. in environmental microbiology from Lucknow’s Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University. She completed her masters from the same university in microbiology. Sushma has proven to be a real gem. We congratulate her for this unique ability of hers and wish her all the best for a very bright future ahead.

#2. Replica Of The Titanic Ship Using Erasers.

Not just academics people from Lucknow have shone even in the field of art and craft. Vivek Kumar of Lucknow made a 2.13 m long, 87 cm wide and 13 m high replica of the Titanic ship using 7000 erasers, glue, cardboard, wire, and nails. This art of his has earned him a name in the Limca Book Of Records, making Lucknow proud once again.

#3. First Woman To Attain Ph.D. in Photography.

Tulika Sahu, a student of Government Arts and Craft College of Lucknow, is the first woman to be awarded Ph.D. in Photography, which earned her a place in the Limca Book Of Records. She went on to attain the doctoral degree by the University of Lucknow for her research work in pictorial movement in photography making Lucknow a proud city.

#4. Largest Number Of Students Enrolled At A Time.

City Montessori School(CMS) has turned out to be city’s largest school based on the student strength. It set a record in 2015 when altogether 50,000 students enrolled in the school. CMS, famous for the strength of pupils.

#5. Record of largest collection of Hanuman Artifacts.

Krishna Kumar Chaurasia of Lucknow has shown to the world what actually fan following is. He is a devotee of Lord Hanuman has made up a collection of nearly 4000 images in three albums. Along with that, he has 150 framed pictures, 85 handmade idols, and paintings, 20 coins, 300 Hanuman CDs. His obsession with Lord Hanuman’s artifacts has earned him a place in the Limica Book of Records.

#6. First Woman to reach the highest lake on bike.

Nothing can set the limit for you if you dream big. Proving this 27-year-old Vartika Jain Srivastava of Lucknow has made a national record and has become the first woman biker to reach the country’s highest lake, Tsa Lmaho a.k.a Cholamu lake in North Sikkim. After covering 2616 Kilometers in less than 10 days she is recognized by the  Limica Book Of Records.

#7. Biggest Election Commission Logo.

A Record made for the awareness towards voting. MR. Nilkunj Kumar Tomar of Bulandshehar and his team mates Banti Lokman, Asif Kumar, Nitin Kumar created the biggest logo of Election commission in Jhulelal Park, Lucknow making a place for themselves in Limica  Book Of Records.

#8. Record Of Extraction Of All Teeth.

In an Operation Dr. Vikram Ahuja extracted a set of 28 teeth at one go from a patient from Canada in a long 6-hour surgery at Lucknow making it a  completely different record by replacing them with a completely different set after putting on the dental implants.

Lucknow has set many records to get its name entered in the national book of records. Do tell us if we are missing any of the great people.

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