Lucknow University Bars Students From The Campus On Valentine’s Day.

Celebrating Valentine’s day in Lucknow was never really easy and this year the Lucknow University has come forward with one strange rule for this Valentine’s Day! The University has barred students from entering the premises on 14th February, as it claims to oppose the spread of western culture in the city. The Proctor professor Vinod Singh has issued notice against any student entering the premises on the day.

It is clearly stated in the notice that any student seen on the university campus either roaming or just sitting around will face strict actions. Not just that the proctor has even appealed the parents of the students to not allow them to go the university. The University is closed on the day due to Maha Shivratri and all the extra classes or the practical classes due on that day are also canceled.

Students have protested against this notice and called it the backward thinking of the university heads but the authority has anyways stuck to its decision and has banned Valentine’s day celebration of any kind in the campus.

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