Lucknow Teacher Slaps A Kid 40 Times For Not Saying “Present, Ma’am”.

In a pathetic video, that recently went viral on social networking sites, a female teacher is brutally beating up a child of class 3rd. Incident was from St. John Vianney High School, Lucknow where reportedly the child was bashed for he wasn’t paying attention at the time of attendance. The incident was recorded on the CCTV. It clearly shows how the teacher is hitting the child continuously in front of other students. Corporal punishment has been banned in India for some time now and such behavior is highly condemned.

‘Spare the rod and spoil the child’ a very old saying which doesn’t rely on logic. Making children learn things by putting them under the fear of punishments is not something that moulds them. Corporal punishment induces fear and suppressed anger where the child is unable to express himself and as a result, stress becomes a part of the child’s personality. Corporal punishment has been banned in India for some time now and such behavior is highly condemned. Picking up a rod to train your kid is surely not the right way to make him learn. Beating, abusing, punishments in absurd uncomfortable positions is surely not going to make your kid learn what you want to.

Some support such actions saying this is necessary for training the kids and getting them disciplined. Well, to people who still keep such thinking, beating a kid of such small age, just for the sake of them following some strict rules, can not only have the complete opposite impact on them but it can hamper their confidence forever. Corporal Punishment is surely not something that should be continued.

The government of India has banned Corporal punishment and any such action by the teachers in the name of disciplinary action can lead to imprisonment. The students are free to report any such actions. It’s high time such disgusting people get punished for their inhumane behavior.

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