Lucknow Is A Life Saver For Students! Here’s Why!

What is it that the students need most? Good food? Peaceful Environment? Bigger opportunities? Well, Lucknow has it all and that is the reason why it’s becoming the student’s hub lately! A large number of colleges and schools which not only excel in imparting education but also develop the students in co-curricular activities. Apart from maintaining the academics, there are a lot of little relaxing spots for the students to relieve themselves of the stress around them. We bring to you some reasons that make Lucknow a growing hub for students in Lucknow! 

#1. Educational Institutions

There are approximately 800 schools and degree colleges in Lucknow. ‘La Martiniere College’ which was established in year 1845, during the British empire, is one of the top colleges in India. It provides excellent education, sports and extracurricular activities to its students. The largest school in the world as per the Guinness world records – City Montessori School (C.M.S.) was started by Dr.Jagdish Gandhi with just five students and a rented capital of Rs.300 back then in 1959. A notable list of alumni of Lucknow University. Other degree colleges include National P.G. College, the only autonomous college of Lucknow, IHM Lucknow and Sherwood College of Professional Management provides BBA and MBA courses. Among the top engineering colleges of Lucknow are – Institute of Engineering and Technology  (I.E.T.) which ranks 5th among the UPTU colleges, Shri Ramswaroop Memorial College of Engineering, Babu Banarasi Das University (BBD), etc. One of the 17 NLUs of India – Ram Manohar Lohia National Law University (RMLNLU) is in Lucknow and not to forget IIM Lucknow is the star at the top. A lot of students come to Lucknow for pursuing higher education from nearby cities and other states also.

#2. Coaching and private tuitions

Most of the students who are pursuing some UG/PG course are giving home tuitions to school going children. It is quite a common way to earn some extra pocket money for the college/university students. Many students opt for coaching classes which provide the best environment for study with fun. There are other coaching centers like the T.I.M.E. coaching which provide preparation for CAT exam, Mahendra Coaching for preparation of Bank PO exam and SSC exam. There are other educational centers like the – Rubic’s Rostrum, ACL (American Centre for Languages) which provide English speaking and personality development courses. These institutions attract a lot of students from nearby cities to come to Lucknow and prepare for the civil jobs, exams, and other higher level educations.

#3. Hostel life 

The most memorable part of a student’s life. It is said that hostel life is must for a college going student. It teaches you the best lessons of your life. You end up being an all-rounder Washing your own clothes, making your own food and sometimes turn into a caring parent. Most of the colleges in Lucknow provide the facility of hostels making things easier for students who come from different parts of the State. Many students prefer to stay in a P.G. or a rented room/apartment so as to enjoy the perks and pleasures of life that hostels sometimes can’t provide.

#4. Books and Books

One of the most famous bookshop in Lucknow is Books and Books who have got all our best friends lined up in their bookshelves, of course, the books. There is a separate market in Aminabad just for books. These shops provide you with books of all the courses at cheap rates. Some shops also allow you to rent their books at minimal charges. These shops also provide with course material regarding various competitive exams like – Bank PO, NDA/ CDS, mock test papers for various entrance exams and board exams. Prakash Book Depot and other shops and stalls near Universal Book Store provide you with second-hand novels for the bookworms to feed upon. Other places include HAL near Bhootnath market that provides books for various UG and PG courses. The remarkable Universal Book Store at Kapoorthala for novel lovers but Aminabad is the winner amongst all. After all, when you are done with your shopping then you can enjoy your favorite kebabs at ‘Tunday Kebabi’.

#5. Time and Place

You have to reach someplace and you have to reach there in time? Lucknow’s auto service is at your service! Only a few students have the privilege of having their schools and colleges at walking distance from their home. The roads are way less congested and traffic system are all set-up at major intersections of the city. Auto-rickshaws, Rikshaws, Tempos, and e-rickshaws are available in every part of the city at a walking distance from your place. For long routes, buses are available for those students who are coming from outer areas of Lucknow. Schools provide their own buses for the convenience of their students.

#6. I’d like to eat first and then start the induction motor

Time or place doesn’t really matter because hunger can hit you anytime and anywhere. You don’t have to worry about a ‘chai-sutta’ break or a full meal whether it is 3 A.M. in the night or whatever time your clock is telling you. Thanks to the ‘Dhabas’ and ‘Tea-stalls’ that operate both day and night. These services are especially for the hoteliers and PG students. When you are tired of lectures and lab sessions and need a little bit of refreshment, only these places can be a promising candidate. Only Egg-Maggi stalls near KGMU, Chowk can understand you better than anyone in these times of crisis and 24*7 food outlets near Charbagh railway station or just give a call at ‘Midnight Meals’ to deliver you a hearty meal at your doorsteps.

#7. Street food!! End of discussion

Tiffins? No, I am a grown up now. It never meant that you won’t feel hungry in future. Tired of doing nothing at the school is a really big deal. There are many food joints operating in the Lucknow city. During the daytime, kebab rolls and chola-puri are available to the school goers. In the evening, you can always spot a Chinese food cart at every quarter-mile and they sufficiently fit your budget!

#8. Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment

‘Eat, Drink and Be Merry’ an old saying that completely fits what Lucknowi students get to feel. The city provides the best environment to enjoy these amazing days of one’s lives. Well, it might not go for every single person but for students, it is on-point. Be it, International movies like Justice League or the complete desi touch of Bahubali,  it’s all available at student-friendly ticket rates. Tickets are quite cheap on weekdays. You can watch each and every flick that, you have been putting up on your watchlist since the beginning of the year and that too, under 100 bucks only.

#9. Get ready for it

Books can’t help you with everything. A large number of graduates and post-graduates are unemployed. The reason is that, they lack the skill set which is required for a specific job. There are a lot of training centres in Lucknow that helps in building up a student’s skill set. Many training centres offer their computer science students with a short-term course of 3-6 months to become IT professionals. Their courses are not at all biased and non-IT professionals can also take the training programs. Apart from these, there are multiple companies running around the city which are hiring students for intern-based programmes helping the students polish their CVs.

#10. Weekends and Events

Good morning, brush your teeth, get your clothes on, pack your things and …. Whoa!! It is weekend. This hectic schedule of yours is going to kill you. Human mind is like a monkey, always jumping from one branch to another but the monkey has been in the cage for a week. Now, it needs an out. Lucknow has got over 200 restaurants, lounges and cafes. There is a new cafe opening every month in this city. You can go to one of these to hangout with your friends and have a great time. There are a lot of events that take place every month, one can volunteer in them to get some extra income or simply just enjoy the food festivals. You can also gather your gang to participate in some off-beat events or visit the Old Lucknow. This city has got a lot of things to offer to the students and to save them from the ever-growing pressure of their studies.

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