10 Places To Explore In And Around Lucknow!

Anticipating for the weekend like your life lies in these two days and then regretting on Sunday night for wasting this weekend too? Well, it happens with almost every office goer…when on Sunday nights we wonder where did the holidays vanish!! This weekend put the time on hold, grab your backpack, pick up your wallet and run away. Run away on the nearest escape you get from your monotonous life and spend it doing things you’ve been procrastinating since long. Rekindle your love for travelling, wake up the child in you and go crazy because you are worth a lot more than that uncomfortable chair in your office or those cups coffee you gulp!! So, buck up people as living in Lucknow has come to your advantage. Here is a list of exciting things you could do on your weekend if you are in Lucknow!!

#1. A Road Trip To Naimisaranya Is All You Need.

Spend this weekend going on a short road trip with your friends to Naimisharanya, just 100 kms away this place can give the relaxation you need. The city famous for the legend that Gods came to this place in search of weapons to fight against demons gives the city its religious touch. The serenity of this place will surely calm your soul down and give you the much needed break from city life.

#2. Nawab-Ganj Bird Sanctuary Next On Your Checklist!!

This weekend loose yourself in nature. Situated on Lucknow- Kanpur highway, Nawab-Ganj Bird Sanctuary is regarded as one of the best bird sanctuaries in North India. A small deer park is also situated on the campus. Hangout with your friends here this weekend and feel the beauty of life. The bird sanctuary has many rare types of species which can make your day!! Take a break and ride to this amazing place as nothing other than nature can bring peace into your chaotic mind.

#3. No Need To Go To Gym Hit It On Your Bicycle!

Hit the road guys!!! Re-kindle those lovely childhood memories when you were free as a bird and bicycle was your personal ‘Alladin Ki Kaleen’. Ditch your bike and stroll the lanes of Lucknow on your bicycle. Wake up your friends and go strolling early morning, these busy roads of Lucknow tell a completely different tale at dawn. Feel the soft breeze through your hair and get the sauna of your life. Explore and take a simpler look toward this amazing city.

#4. Get Ready To Get Lost In Katarniyaghat Wildlife Sanctuary.

Katarniaghat is a must visit place. If you haven’t visited here yet then, hit it this weekend. Approximately 200 kms away from Lucknow, this wildlife sanctuary has a lot to offer to you. From night camps to jungle safari you get to do everything here. Boating in the Giriwa River and living in jungle themed cottages is something that would give you an entirely different experience. Living so  close to the jungle with very less connection from the so called social group of yours can be really refreshing. Famous for its fresh water dolphins, it also fancies its alligators. The sanctuary will provide you the much needed escape you wish for from the hectic life of the city.

#5. Wander In The City’s Historical Spots.

Too busy to go out of the city? Relax the city itself has many spots where you can chill-out with your friends. The Historical Gardens can prove to be the best for picnics on weekends. Go out exploring the green lush areas of Residency and Dilkusha Gardens. Take out your picnic basket dust your badminton rackets grab your long lost friends and go amidst the historical phase of your city!

#6. Let Your LOVE Flow In Agra.

Agra holds one of the seven wonders of the world and thanks to the ‘Agra-Lucknow Expressway’ the distance between the Mesmerizing City of Taj and the Royal City of Nawabs is shortened making it easy for us to spend our weekend in Agra with friends and family. The beautiful piece of art looks even more captivating at the time of sunrise. Its the city of Love, plan a surprise for your partner, go on a candel light dinner date in a hotel with the view of Taj. Feel different this weekend.

#7. Meet Nature At Dudhwa National Park.

Dudhwa National Park, just 200-210 kms away from Lucknow falling in the district of Lakhimpur-kheri has a lot of endangered species. Here there are certain restrictions as any kind of human interference within the wildlife is strictly prohibited. The place is a must visit if you love nature.The calmness of the place is so powerful that it can engulf you in itself and pacify your soul completely.

#8. Be A Child Again At ‘Paint Wars’, Lucknow.

Up for some adventurous recreational activity? Well recently opened, Paint Wars, Lucknow is literally making people love it more than anything. Take out time to have a sporty end to this week. This recreational activity is all you want to have. Visit paint wars Lucknow to experience that adrenaline rush with your friends. Share this weekend with happy fun moments and build up some memories!!

#9. Water Parks+Fun Rides+Friends=Happy Weekend.

Beat the heat this weekend at a water park in Lucknow. A visit to the water park will make your weekend fantastic! The water rides will definitely provide a much needed respite from the sultry weather. The city has some pretty amazing water parks near it, like Blue World, Anandi, Dream
World, Amrapali etc. try giving yourself an amazing experience of being a kid again. After all these water parks with such great rides are made for us adults only right?

#10. Relax Yourself At Kukrail Picnic Spot.

Kukrail Picnic Spot, known for its greenery and peaceful atmosphere, away from the hustle bustle of the city life, can serve as the best place for you to hangout with your friends. It’s a forest reserve for endangered crocodiles. Its a scenic beauty. A place must visit for those long strolls which would calm you in and out. Kukrail Picnic Spot being close to Lucknow is a must visit.

So… plan out this Friday night, pack your bag, give your wallet a jiggle, Wake up Saturday Morning and go to any of these places and make your weekend count.

P.S: Mark your upcoming weekends with these must visit places for this ‘TIME’ won’t come back! Happy Journey!! 😉

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