Why I Freed Myself Off The Stress Bundle And Chose A Simpler Life.

“Hey listen up, you! Things will be fine! It is okay, The true people will stay with you, be it good or bad. So why stress? Enjoy… life is short, you never know who is next!! ” 😛

‘Stress’ is an everyday part of our lives. We just cannot get rid of it completely. If you are wishing to live a life with no stress at all you might actually be wishing a life not worth living! Stress is the salt of our lives! You might think I am joking but it is true that no age group is free of stress today! The statistics have revealed that the stress level is maximum in the youth and it is more in females than males. Dear young people of the society what has troubled you so much? Life never really goes as you plan it. Keep your plan B ready, because you never know when you might actually need it. Stressing over certain things have resulted in some very grave acts done by people and that’s why you need to free yourself.

Life is hard, I know but believe in yourself. If someone/something is trying to hurt you or disturb your balance, you have the power to hold yourself in shape. That heartbreak was indeed very painful but did you give a thought over the hours you have spent thinking over it? Did your thoughts lead to anything? Was your heart mended or was the void filled back in? No! What really did change was you! Your carefree attitude, your ‘smiling from within’ spirit, your happy-go-lucky nature… that changed!

A heartbreak, a failure, a lost game, an angry friend, an unsuccessful event… all these are just petty reasons that make up for those little twists and turns in your life! If you sit and moan over the loss of one thing you are actually missing onto all those chances that might lead you to something even bigger and brighter! Don’t miss these chances. Who knows when you would get them back!

Look up and face the world. No, I am not promising that life will be shinier on the other side but yes I can surely say that you would be stronger than you were before. Sometimes we are just vulnerable and all we seek for is a little support but trust me the greatest support system you would get is ‘YOU’. It is okay to be weak, it is okay to feel low, but what’s most important is you picking yourself back up and facing the world with a smiling face!!

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Written by Freeks

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