UP Investor’s Summit 2018: TV Operators Unhappy Over Cable Removal In Lucknow.

Ahead of the grand UP Investor’s Summit commencing in Lucknow on 21st and 22nd February, the government has taken some major steps towards the beautification of the city. Certain changes like painting the roadsides and cleaning the cable poles were done, but these steps taken by the municipal corporation are facing a backlash from the cable operators as they claim that the authorities have removed wires supplying signals to one lakh homes in Lucknow.

Lucknow Electricity Supply Administration (LESA) general manager, Trans-Gomti, Pradeep Kakkar said, “There was a mesh of cable wires on LESA poles which had to be cleaned before the investors’ summit. The cable TV operators were served notice by the entertainment tax department to remove the wires well in advance. They didn’t follow the order and the district authorities had to remove them (cables).”

An official of the district administration said, “Besides spoiling the skyline, they (cables) are not allowing the poles to get painted. The cable operators were not paying a single penny for the poles, which they were using for their business. So, the district administration reserves the right to remove any sort of encroachment from its poles.”

The affected areas include Indira Nagar, Eldeco Greens, Vibhuti Khand, Hazratganj and Ashok Marg. Sunil Jolly, director of the Den network, said, “There is a cable TV blackout in over one lakh houses of the city. Cable transmission is also disturbed in 22 other cities of the state because our wires have been cut by the district administration without any prior notice. We welcome the investors’ summit, but not at our expense. We are happy that the state government is inviting investors to the city, but why is it hurting those who have already invested in the state?”

“Around 300 km of cables worth Rs 10 crore have already been damaged. If at all we have to lay the cables again, it will take at least a month to do so.”

“There is not enough cable available in the city to replace the ones cut by the authorities,” said Jolly.

Amidst all this fuss, a leading Cable TV operator has said that people in this business are seriously thinking of a statewide blackout on February 21 and 22 during the investor’s summit in the state capital if they are not allowed to use electricity and street light poles for spreading their wires.

The government is all perked up for this Investor’s summit and is expecting to see some big changes in the markets of the state but in preparation for the summit, it seems the government is indirectly neglecting its already working industries.


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