Indian Student And American Dean: See How The Former Left The Latter Pretty Confused!

India is a country renowned for its rich culture and respect for traditions. We all have memories of our childhood and teenage days when our parents and relatives never used to miss a chance of emphasizing on “respecting elders”. A lot of importance is given in our country on teaching the children about behaving properly, being courteous and respectful to elders and follow the ‘instructions’ when guests pay a visit. Disobeying these instructions often means ‘grave’ consequences. Reading this, many of you just traveled through your memory lane remembering some such ‘consequences’ you faced. Admit it.

Well, it’s often said that even if you take out an Indian out of India, you cannot take India out of an Indian. The evidence was recently presented by an Indian student at Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. This guy, out of sheer respect, after collecting his degree from his Dean, bent down and touched his feet. He first shook hands with the Dean which is the common norm but after that touched his feet too with good intentions, apparently. But this left the Dean baffled and surprised.

The video of the incident was posted on Twitter and what made it even more special was Dean’s invaluable reaction. See it for yourself:

Reactions quickly started to pour in from all sides.

Obviously “Verma ji ka beta” joke had to be there:

Our Babuji too couldn’t resist reacting to it:

And then there were reactions which tried to interpret the Dean’s expression:

Nevertheless, we find the student’s gesture very adorable and are sure that somewhere his parents must be feeling proud of him. Although, his cousins and friends must be receiving good amount of ‘Kuch seekho unke bete se’ lecture after this.

But we cannot deny the fact that it’s the cute reaction of the Dean which has attracted greater attention. He literally stared at his feet for a few moments!

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