Hurry And Submit Your Films For The International Film Festival “SAIFF 5.0”. Only Two Weeks To Go.

Shaan-e-Awadh International Film Festival, a festival that celebrates the hidden talent of film making. This festival has been keeping up its agenda, of giving a clear path to the beginners who have interest in film making but due to lack of opportunities, they are not able to develop. Providing a platform to the beginners to show-case their talent in the wide world is exactly what this festival focuses on.  Promoted by “Splash Etcetra” and organized by “Awadh Art Society” this festival has once again brought up a pack of opportunities for all those dreamy eyes that can make a difference with their talent in the field of directing and film making.

Shaan-e-awadh international film festival is a platform made just for you if you have the spark that’s needed for film making. Grab whatever camera you have and make a video that shows your true passion for film making, who knows you get a place to showcase your talent in front of the best directors. Know yourself and learn to make a difference. Don’t let lack of resources be a hindrance anymore shoot whatever you feel is worth and your story might be the next stone turner.

Grab this opportunity guys, you are the future of film making. Prove it to the society that film making has the power to change things way more than just the hairstyle and fashion sense. 25th of September is the last date for the submission of your work of art. For the love of art don’t let your talent get wasted. Pick up your camera shoot something and see how the world reacts. Shaan-e-awadh is an initiative to explore young talent towards non-commercial film making. This festival is to promote those works of art that have not been able to make it to the big screen. ‘Sensible’ cinema is what actually the world needs now and that’s what is being sought. Take a step forward and submit yourself to see where you stand.

You can register yourself through the three online portals: FilmFreewayFesthome, ClickforFestivals. Lucknow, don’t leave the opportunity that is knocking on your door take it and test yourself. So Lucknow buckle up for the fifth Shaan-e-awadh international film festival and register yourself before 25th September, just two weeks to go.

The links to the online portals where you can easily register:

  1. FilmFreeway –
  2. Festhome –
  3. ClickforFestivals –

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