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10 GIFs Of Bollywood Songs That Perfectly Suits Office People Lives.

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Office life sucks!! Yes we know and totally agree with that. Its actually a hideous task, going everyday to office and working yourself to exhaustion. Well, we definitely need a BREAK!! and that is exactly why we all wait so eagerly for the lovely Friday… its just, so it seems, that weekend doesn’t love us back equally. It vanishes like it was never there; and …

Some Hilarious Baby Memes, That Would Make You Go ROFL

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A hilarious thought crossed my mind today, what would it be like, if the toddlers spoke up? We always tend to keep guessing what the little one must be thinking based on its expression. How fascinating would it be if we could actually come to know what the baby is up to? Well, we bring to you some hilarious memes, which has babies speaking up …

George Carlin on Fat People.

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George Carlin on Fat People show Video

George Carlin – List of people who ought to be killed.

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Here’s a group of musical vermin whose mothers we wish had had a medical plan that included abortion: These singers who think they’re so special they only need one name. Bono, Sting, Jewel, Tiffany, Prince. What a crock of shit! Get a fucking last name, would you please? Here’s a nice two word name for you; Pretentious Cocksucker! Huh, how do you like that, Bono? …

World’s Fastest Keyboard Player In Town.

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This is what we have been doing since last few months. We are not going to brag about it so we are just gonna show you.