Some Hilarious Baby Memes, That Would Make You Go ROFL

A hilarious thought crossed my mind today, what would it be like, if the toddlers spoke up? We always tend to keep guessing what the little one must be thinking based on its expression. How fascinating would it be if we could actually come to know what the baby is up to? Well, we bring to you some hilarious memes, which has babies speaking up their minds.

1. Not so innocent. Are you?

2. No one would even dare to touch them after that expression.

3. Icecream! Icecream! Icecream!

4. Okay! Now that’s a threat.

5. Now that’s one greedy toddler.

6. How can anyone ever blame you?

7. Just one single bite.

8. You surely can!!!

9. Oh, I wonder!!!


You really gotta think before speaking to these toddlers now.

What do you think?

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