Here’s How To Get The perfect Look This Eid.

Well, ladies, Eid is almost here and so is the most exciting yet confusing question i.e “What to wear?” is waiting for us out there… Yes exactly, the time of the year has come when you have to meet a lot of people and your look really does matter. The day is surely going to be a hectic one, filled with all the chatter, the excitement of meeting the relatives, the fun, the delicious food and what not. You have to enjoy the day, at the same time looking the elegant beauty that you are. Here are a few things that are must for you to make your look perfect and apt.

#1. Choose the outfit wisely!!

Your choice of outfit is of utmost importance. This summer, choose light shades as the sun is not so much ready to have mercy!! So it would be wiser to go with cooler summer shades and keep it elegant that way. But Black is the queen of all colors and be it summer or winter it can be carried off in all seasons. So, coy along with black or pick up one of the cool colors.

#2. Light makeup can actually make your day.

Gone are the times of heavy laid eye shadows and over done foundation. Combine your summer look with the right amount of makeup. An elegant stroke of eyeliner along with a touch of kajal can complete the eye look for you, keep the lip color in accordance to your skin tone Whatever you do, just remember to not hide behind a lot of makeup.

#3. Hairstyle has the power to put everything in place.

You can carry your hair in a stylish bun or flaunt a twisty hairstyle this Eid. Need not put too many stuff in your hair, you can always let it flow free. Just make sure the hairdo goes with the outfit and makes you look phenomenal.

#4. Compliment your look with some accessories.

Heavy earrings and bangles can always be used to complete the look, as its festival and looking a bit shimmery is not a problem, but if you are not a big fan of accessories, you could always go with a light pair of earrings and a wrist watch to laud the attire.

#5. Finally, footwear!

Finally, the last yet a very important part of your look… the footwear!! not much on the fashion though, just make sure they are comfortable. Pulling off hurting heals is not a very great option to go with. Choose the footwear that goes with your look but at the same time make sure they are comforting.

That’s all… you are fully set for the beautiful festival. Enjoy!!!

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