Helping Hands: A List Of NGOs That Are Currently Working For Lucknow.

The city has never failed to live up to the expectations of the people. Under this Shining city of Nawabs, is its dark shadow. The Shadow covering the poor, underprivileged lot which is in the actual need of light. In Lucknow the harbinger of luster into these shadows are the Non Profitable/governmental organisations working in the city. These NGOs with their volunteers are the little bulbs of hope in those unlit shades of Lucknow which are attempting to reach in the desolate areas and fill them up with the glittering lights.

#1.Robin Hood Army

A very well known organisation working in almost 11 countries and 41 cities placed its setup in Lucknow in May, 2015. The organisation is two year old in the city and has already touched many hearts. The organisation works through the hearts of people, with no base office just their spirit of reaching to the needy. The organisation has over 120 volunteers called as Robins and they are all time ready to serve the poor. The organisation has the policy of not taking any monetary donations, instead they have linkups with certain hotels, restaurants and cafes all over Lucknow who give them food in return of nothing. The food is then distributed among the poor. With the vision of ‘Zero Hunger and Zero Wastage’ these guys are reaching out to every slum area. The efforts of the robin hood army have materialized due to the generous contribution of their food partners who have wholeheartedly stepped forward to help the needy. Hotels like Comfort Inn, Neelkanth sweets, Hotel Silvette, Royal sky, MK caterers, Nainital Momos and many other known hotels daily provide the Robin hood army with fresh food for the poor. This proves, Lucknow is actually filled with a lot of good hearts. Donating food with no personal gain is what actually makes them big. It all ads up to no one sleeping on empty stomach. When we have our bags filled lets help filling others’ bags than throwing away what is really hard to get.

#2.Saajhi Duniya

The name says it all as ‘Saajhi Duniya’ stands for equal partner world. This NGO works with the dream of a world where every one, every sect lives together with no one being superior or inferior to the other. Where women get equal status as of men and where no community is pointed out or doubted just for following a different faith. This NGO has been working since 30-35 years in Lucknow. It has been fighting the system for getting justice for people who are oppressed. They fight for Gender equality and thrive for Communal harmony. They organize group sessions, open talks, workshops, natak etc to make people aware of their rights and give people a platform to be able to sympathize and put forward their problems too. Saajhi Duniya works with full dedication.
It even takes the matters to the court and does all that is needed for justice to be served. The major problems faced by the NGO are majorly relating to the response they receive from the governmental authorities. Support systems for the victims are either weak or too poor to be of any help. The volunteers of the NGO make vigorous efforts to help the people in need, but the indifferent attitude of the people has turned out to slow down the efforts of the NGO. NGO has received many positive responses too where people have been of great help at times. Let’s dare to dream of this beautiful world and join our hands together to make the nation strong.

#3.Sarthak Foundation

Started in 2013 by a group of students. The NGO got inspired by the sight of poor kids on the street who were not able to get education in any form, the students took initiative and started teaching the kids on their own.That was how this foundation started with just a bunch of warm-hearted students who stood together to come up and help the needy. The foundation now strives with the vision of educating as many children as possible and accomplish the dream of a fully educated India. The foundation has faced many problems yet it has come up with the same enthusiasm. The common issue of lack of funds, and the absence of proper education institutions is the major concern. People have had very supportive reactions to the foundation and it has helped the foundation boost up.

#4.I Support Foundation

The NGO started in January 2014, is one out for help to the special and underprivileged kids. The NGO aims at making these kids self-sufficient enough to take care of themselves and reach every possible height. The I Support foundation started its work with autistic children and now they work for making every kid at least reach to a good capacity. They work through a day-care center where they actively work for educating underprivileged kids along with the book knowledge they are exposed to extra curricular activities, life skills,vocational activities etc. Basically the all round development of the kids is taken into consideration and efforts are put in that direction. The major problem that becomes a big hurdle further is the social stigma that people have about the differently able kids and the NGO aims at removing such social disbelief from among the people and normalizing the idea about special children. Despite all the problems the reaction of commoners, when they hear of any such organisation which provides a helping hand to those in need, is delightful and heart warming. The NGO is really upto some very good work lets appreciate and lend a hand in too if possible.

#5.The Mango Foundation

This foundation started up in January 2016 has been working since for the underprivileged children. Started up by students this foundation has a complete different approach towards helping the poor. the main motive of the foundation is making people aware of the concept of ‘Bridge education’ which is an attempt to reconnect the people who left their studies mid way due to any personal reason. The foundation helps by conducting classes on alternate days and exposing people to education yet again. Apart from this the foundation works in the area of providing education to the underprivileged class and making the children’s future bright, not just bookish language the foundation focuses on the all-round development of the children with extra curricular activities. The foundation has faced many challenges in the due course but has come out shining bright every time. The problems like fund shortage, lack of dedicated volunteers, absence of proper infrastructure etc. reduced the speed of development of the foundation but luckily the development of the Mango Foundation has gained pace and is ready to be of help to the maximum numbers. A helping hand once stepped up must never come down again. Let us all instead of wasting our time try to invest in the best of their interests who actually need it.

#6.Jeev Ashray

An NGO for stray animals, something done for the ones who aren’t even able to express their grief. The Ngo is an all time support system for any stray animal who is hurt or injured in certain road accidents. They provide the animals shelter too. For proper and timely help the Jeev ashray has divide the team into 3 sub teams who render to the phone calls they receive for assistance in their areas. The biggest problem for jeev ashray at present time is that of lack of funds for feeding the animals in the shelter homes.They received the funds earlier but due to the change in government they haven’t been able to feed the animals properly. Helping the one who cannot even return a thank you is exactly the kind of service which is spoken highly of. The same is the response of people towards this NGO for animals.

#7.Project KHEL

Someone has rightly said, ‘The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play.’ and that is exactly what is the agenda of Project KHEL. Making students learn through play is what this NGO aims at. Working since July 2012, this NGO thrives for educating children about the crucial problems of the society apart from the bookish knowledge the NGO imparts the students with the knowledge on important issues in a practical way through sports, story-telling, theater, crafts, dance and games. The NGO has reached the apogee in making kids bright from the outside and sensitive and understanding from the inside. Project KHEL has brought about a huge change in the crowd of underprivileged kids and has built up the base for their better future.
The issue they basically face is the failure of people in understanding the concept of studies through play but eventually people have accepted the different method and are co-operating. the common issue of lack of funds for the NGO is constant here too. Lucknow has benefited a lot from this NGO and its our duty to understand and co-operate together and help the community grow.

These NGOs are playing a great role in making the future of Lucknow bright, and with such good people by its side nothing can stop Lucknow from reaching great heights.

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