The Most Haunted Places In Lucknow That Are Sure To Give You ‘The Chills’.

Lucknow – The Land where great battles were fought. This Awadhi land is home to many war stories and uprisings of the early years. The Mughals ruled over this land for a very long time and then the great land of Awadh was taken up by the Britishers as it had a strong central hold over the whole of India! Eventually, India was freed from the foreign clutches and Lucknow too breathed freely! While the past has been gone and the memories remain, the sudden deaths that took place in the city during wars, left certain parts of the city haunted since. There are certain places in Lucknow where the existence of some sort of energy is seen and felt. The places have been haunted for a long time and visiting those areas after dark can give you more than just goosebumps.

The Balrampur Hospital.

This hospital is not just any other health center, the staff and patients have reported about certain weird noises at night. As per the legend, soon after this hospital was established a sick woman was brought in who was in excessive pain but there was no doctor to help. But then out of nowhere two doctors came and operated her. The woman was saved but the two doctors were never seen again! Who were those two doctors and where did they vanish? The question remains still. And the answers are just the spooky noises and shrieking cries in the middle of the night!

Sikandar Bagh

Situated in the heart of the city, The park always seemed haunting to me! The creepy buildings and those little dusty locks on the doors can really scare you off. The tale of this park dates back to 1857, the first uprising of Indian Independence when in the uprising more than 2000 Indian soldiers lost their lives. It is said that the dead soldiers’ bodies were left to rot in this park. Now the park is haunted and people have reported seeing the spirits of dead soldiers roaming in this park!

Nirala Nagar

This area of Lucknow definitely has something very scary about it. The area has been marked as the haunted colony of Lucknow! The place was built on cemeteries and innumerable graves. The place is marked as haunted, the residents have even reported dead white men walking or figures of girls hanging from the trees! no wonder the area is marked as the most haunted.

OEL House

The house of the Vice Chancellor of the Lucknow University was a home to the Nawabs once. The story goes with the war of 1857 where a number of dead soldiers were dumped into the well and the house is haunted ever since! The OEL house has seen spirits of the dead roaming around. The well is sealed now after the death of the son of the Vice-chancellor!

Residency Park

The Residency park in Lucknow has a great stretch of area. The park is well kept and serves as a historical spot for visitors, with its own museum, just that this park is shut down by the evening. The park is said to be haunted by the spirits of the British officers and their family members who were the residents of that place before the 1857 uprising. Many people were killed then. People have witnessed the figure of a white child following them at the late hours! The basement area of the park has an uncomforting air about it! you just know that something is not right there.

Railway Quarters

It is said that the railway quarters of Lucknow is haunted by the Spirit of a British Engineer, Bill Turner who killed himself after killing his wife and her lover on the finding of her extra-marital affair! Who knew such events could result in making the places haunted forever. People have heard weird noises from the quarters late at night.

Things have been said about the Bada Imambara and Dilkusha Gardens too! These places lay in the arms of history no wonder there must be things whose answers are just not known yet! History will always be a mystery. I am definitely not visiting them at the odd hours. Lucknow has some really beautiful places, why visit the creepy ones. And to all those brave hearts, all the best, if you are visiting any of these places. We will be happy to hear your stories, that is if you come back fine! *chills*

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