This Guy From Lucknow Donated ₹11 Lakh To The Indian Army Through “Bharat Ke Veer” Portal.

A lot of talks have been going around about the Army and its efforts to safeguard the country. The army’s efforts have always been appreciated by the people, but unfortunately, these appreciations tend to be stuck only in words, which are spoken and forgotten. People share various posts over the internet showing how patriotic they are, but in the crude reality no one actually steps up.

“The condition of the army and their families is not very good and what it needs now is not just words of appreciation but it needs hands of support”

One such effort to help the families of the martyrs was made by the Home Ministry, a web portal called ‘Bharat Ke Veer’ or ‘India’s Bravehearts’ was brought up, providing the people a platform for donating money to the families of the martyrs.

The web portal has gained a lot of popularity and it has given a platform to the common people to be able to help the deceased army personnel’s family. This step by our Government and Akshay Kumar has brought in front many great contributors. Many people have stepped up with the donations ranging from Rs. 10 to  15 Lakhs. Many individuals have turned up for helping out the army personnel, in an attempt to honor them for their selfless service and unconditional love for mother nation.

“There are many contributors who have donated large amounts of money to the martyr’s families. One among them is Mr. Jatin Verma a resident of Lucknow, who has donated a huge sum of Rs. 11,00,000 through the Bharat Ke Veer portal. This young man’s contribution for the martyrs is a huge amount and will prove to be of great help.”

Truly A Remarkable Contribution.

This young man made a video of himself for the army, he is seen skydiving from 12500ft. He has dedicated this video to the army men of our country who do such tasks risking their lives, just to protect us. His gratitude towards the army is clearly visible, the selfless service of the army men is beyond the reach of words. India is proud to have such selfless sons and daughters.

We personally interviewed Mr. Jatin and got to know his side of the story.
1.What encouraged you to donate such a big amount to the army?

It is not about the amount, it’s only the intention that matters. People have donated much bigger amounts to temples, or to someplace else. It doesn’t matter how much the amount is, what matters is the feel or how responsible you feel towards the soldiers and their families.

2.What was it about the army that inspired you the most?

Well, basically their selflessness.We, as citizens of the country feel that army has this duty to protect the nation and even if they die that’s their duty; No, it’s not the duty of the army people to die for the nation, they are here to protect us.We as citizens will have to be responsible for helping them because they are the people who give up their lives for protecting us.

3.What other measures should the government take?

I am not asking anything from the government to do, all I want is from the citizens, who should feel responsible towards the nation in every aspect, not just the army, there are many fields in which the citizen’s efforts are needed, and as per me, army is the prime factor, because not everybody is willing to sacrifice their lives just for their duties.

4.Where did you get the inspiration to do skydiving?

I got the inspiration by watching a video on paratroopers, they just dive without having the concern where they are going to land and they go in the area full of danger that too carrying their armaments. While we as common people try to avoid any situation which involves risk. I too was asked many questions as to why would I want to do it. I got inspired by them and I wanted to feel what they felt. It’s just that when they do so much for us why can’t we do something in return?

Truly inspirational,  Hats off to Mr. Jatin Verma for his benevolent act Of Donation of a generous amount of Rs. 11,00,000 to the army. We the team at mfreek applaud Mr. Jatin Verma for his great effort.

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