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The Great Northeastern Momo Fest Is Here In Lucknow. And We Are EXCITED!

10th, 11th and 12th November!! Momo! Music! Modelling! and much more! Watch The Video!

Going Home from college I saw a bunch of my classmates frantically discussing something and literally going crazy about it. All I could hear was ‘MOMO’, ‘northeastern’ and some fragments about how great it’s going to be. What pops-up into my mind, that there is going to be some new momo joint or something, and being a die-hard momo lover I couldn’t stop myself from asking what the fuss was all about. That’s when I came to know about The Great Northeastern Momo Fest 2017 – Lucknow!
(Never knew my classmates can be of use!)

Yes! YOU saw that right! The Great Northeastern Momo Fest is here in Lucknow and I am not able to hold it together. An Event that has twice been organized in Guwahati and made it to the hearts of the youth.

It’s something the youth would connect with immediately, the setting is Rock, Electronic and Pop with some luscious bunch of Dumplings.

A glamorous event in which Artists, Bloggers, Models, Rock bands, best Chefs and Oh-so-tasty momos are coming together to give us some amazing evenings. An event organized by VAS inc. Guwahati and brought in by Lucknow Diaries is making the youth of Lucknow go crazy.

This is for the first time a complete Youth-Energy-Centric cult fest is happening in Lucknow. The Great Northeastern Momo Fest seems to be very promising, headed by famous Author Pratiksha Chauhan with Zaara Shiekh (Miss Awadh, Femina India) and Deepak Singh (Renowned modeling mentor) as the judges for the Modelling Show Audition on October 14th in Mellows Restaurant. The Fest prep is in full swing and is going to conduct a finalizing meet for all the artists, models and volunteers at Mellows Restaurant. People grab this opportunity for they are still looking for Volunteers, Artists and Bloggers being a part of such great event is something not to be missed at all! Keep your eyes glued to their facebook pages for anymore updates!
Follow Event Page Link.

Getting further insights the main attraction that is definitely the scene stealer is the Tribal Lion Dance, Pipers and Drummers!!! It is for sure going to be one great event and something not to be missed at all.

The Momo Fest has the youth of Lucknow so-so excited to actually see all the artists coming together at one platform and finally the glam-cam of the other cities is coming for City of Nawabs.

The Great Northeastern MOMO Fest is commencing on 10th, 11th and 12th November. So people book your tickets now!! For who knows what you might miss if you skip this!! An event, spanning for 3 days is going to be quite a refreshing experience for you. Come to the Momo fest and get lost into a world of lit exuberance.

The images speak for themselves!!!
And, if you are still not convinced then here is just a sneak-peek into how amazing this fest going to be.
I am definitely going to the MOMO fest! Are you?

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