UP Government Issues Order To Remove Unauthorized Loudspeakers From All Religious Places.

The Uttar Pradesh Government has raised an eye towards all the unauthorized loudspeakers in the public places. On Sunday the Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court asked all the district administrations and the police to remove all the unauthorized speakers from religious places. According to the pollution control board’s rules, loudspeakers cannot be played from 10 pm to 6 am at the public places. The sound levels are to be maintained too.

The respective district administrations of the 75 districts are to identify all the religious places and public centers where the unauthorized speakers are being used. If the trustees/owners of these places fail to obtain permission for playing the loudspeakers under permissible limits the police/ the local administration would remove the loudspeakers after 20th January.

The order further reads that action will be taken against officials if they fail to act against such persons who continue to flout the noise pollution norms. The government has taken a step to curb the ever-increasing noise pollution. On one hand, this step by the U.P government is appreciated, while on the other hand it might be ridiculed by the people too, for its affiliation with the religious places. The ones who don’t agree to the set terms will have to pay 100,000 as fine and/or serve five years of imprisonment.

The Government has set up the limits on the sound production in the different zones of the city:-

The Industrial Zone – Decibel limit of 75 in the day and 70 in the night.

The Commercial Zone – Decibel limit of 65 in the day and 55 in the night.

The Residential Zone – Decibel limit of 55 in the day and 45 in the night.

The Silent Zone – Decibel limit of 50 in the day and 40 in the night.

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