Why “Girl In The City” Should Be Your Next Binge Watch On Youtube.

Are you #sodone with the monotony of your life? Do the series airing on the TV do nothing for you? And do you have absolutely no interest in knowing the Nagin’s next scheme?

If you can’t live with the saas – bahu drama and also can’t live without a series to give your life some meaning, then fear no more, cause we have the best series to add to your binge watch bucket this summer! Chances are if you’re not living under a rock,you have already heard about it! We are talking about the bindass web series “Girl in the City”, an ultimate blend of passion, ambition, drive, fun, love and much more!

The show revolves around Meera Sehgal, an ordinary girl of 21 and her journey as she endeavors to make it big in the city of dreams, Mumbai. What sets it apart is the realistic storyline, a simple girl with simple dreams struggling to make her presence felt in the big bad world!


The show also breaks a lot of stereotypes.The three friends Meera, Samira and Kartik share an apartment, which is only logical owning to the fact that Mumbai is a bloody expensive place to stay at, but it’s not really the “sanskari” way to go! And while it may sound strange, it’s the guy who’s responsible for getting the girls fed. IKR, whaaattt??


It also very intricately tackles the confusing relationship that Meera shares with Kartik. The two characters struggle to understand what is it that is actually between them, while also tackling other relationships in life. Love, friendship, lust, are all the factors that run in the background while the characters struggle to achieve their primary professional goals! And if it seems familiar it’s cause this is essentially every millennials life right now!

The show never fails to impress us with the plethora of twists and turns it throws our way! Be it the professional or personal, there’s always some drama waiting to happen on the very next turn!! There is no dull moment in the life of Meera Sehgal.

Not to mention the interesting characters in each season. While Meera (Mithila Palker) had to deal with the insecure bitchy bitch Avan in the first season, the second season gave us a complicated, broken  Areem and a fuddled Kiran, trying to keep a balance between home and work. Each character shows the different struggles that people go through, without once getting boring!


The latest episode (that came out on May 5th) gave us major hopes of a romantic inkling between Kiran and Meera!!  And let’s admit it, this is just what we were waiting for!!!! After watching episode 7 ,the wait for the next episode seems impossible, especially given the short duration of each episode.(which might be the only downside of the show!)

Mithila Palker has for sure won our hearts with effervescence! Her bubbly personality merges effortlessly with that Meera, giving the character the much sought after truthfulness and originality. Mithila has sure earned a huge fan base owing to her girl next door portrayal of the character.

Girl in the city offers us a much-needed break from the monotony of the regular heavy-duty dramas! Love, friends, fun the show gives us so much to play around with! this is one web series that gives us Major life goals!!

And if you haven’t checked it out yet, what are you waiting for? Go binge watch the entire season 1 on youtube or the bindass facebook page and then join the army of us impatient loons, desperately sitting at the edge of our seats waiting for the next episode!

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